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8 health benefits of playing water polo

If you’re looking for a sport which combines the teamwork and strategy of rugby and hockey as well as the toning benefits of swimming, then welcome to the world of water polo!

Water polo players come in all shapes and sizes, with different positions requiring different strengths. The sport also has a great social side, both in the water and out.

Read our 8 health benefits of playing water polo to find out more.

8 health benefits of playing water polo

Physical benefits

  1. Toning
    Water polo players are constantly on the move, using an eggbeater kick to stay high in the water. A good eggbeater is vital to water polo and uses every muscle in your legs, bum and hips. Think it sounds easy? Try doing an eggbeater kick for five minutes non-stop in the deep end of your local pool and tell us how you got on!
  2. Stamina
    You can’t switch off for a second in water polo. There’s no ‘easy swimming’. It’s a high-paced game where essentially you are interval training, sprinting from one end to the other. And an end-to-end match can see players swimming up to 4km.
  3. Power
    Have you tried swimming when you’re carrying an extra 80kg from someone lying on you or holding you down? In case you hadn’t worked it out, it’s difficult. And it’s a great way of building upper and lower body strength.
  4. Works the core
    With your legs otherwise occupied kicking to keep you afloat, changing your position comes from your core. Twists, turns and throws are all core-driven moves and will help defined your abdominal muscles.
  5. Weight loss
    With all the swimming, jostling, throwing and kicking, it’s no shock that you can shifting loads of calories in a water polo match. A survey found an average of 700 in an hour.
  6. Easy on the joints
    Water polo is an intense, physical game, but the fact that it’s played in water means it’s easier on joints than sport played on hard ground. Are your knees struggling on a rugby, football or hockey pitch? Then come on down and join us in the pool!

Mental benefits

  1. Social
    Playing team sports is a fantastic way for people to develop their social skills. Teamwork and good communication are vital for success in water polo.
  2. Problem solving
    Another benefit of playing a water polo is that it’s great at developing problem solving. You’ll learn strategies to break down a defence and how to play with an extra player. Water polo involves having to think on your feet and find the best scenario straight away.