Swim England Water Polo Leadership Group

The Swim England Water Polo Leadership Group is tasked with formulating a water polo plan, setting out objectives for the sport and the approach to achieve these objectives.

As part of the planning process, the Group will be considering all aspects of the game including coaching development, match officials’ programs, competition structure, marketing, communication and governance of water polo in England.

If you have a topic to raise with the Group, please contact the chair, Toby King, at toby.king@swimmingvolunteers.org.

Swim England Staff

Three members of Swim England staff also sit on the Water Polo Leadership Group.

  • Norman Leighton (currently on leave)
    Role: Water Polo Talent Officer
    Email: norman.leighton@swimming.org
  • Talent & Inclusion Officers (temporary cover)
    Rose Younger: 07816 267581
    Andy McGinty: 07976 417827
  • Craig Figes
    Role: Talent Lead
    Email: craig.figes@swimming.org

Leadership Group Members

  • Toby King
    Role: Chair
    Email: toby.king@swimmingvolunteers.org
  • Claire Coleman
    Role: Head of Development
    Email: claire.coleman@swimming.org
  • Mike Hesketh
    Role: Competitions Lead
  • Ben McDonald
    Role: Volunteers Lead
  • Chris Stephens and Adam Older
    Role: Officiating Leads
  • Ian Mackenzie
    Role: Swim England Sports Operations Committee Representative