UK Sport funding decision ‘disappoints’ British Water Polo Leadership Group

The British Water Polo Leadership Group has expressed its disappointment after missing out on the latest round of UK Sport funding.

However, the group has stressed it ‘will continue to push forward in our ambition to develop the performance end of British Water Polo’.

British Swimming submitted an application for funding to UK Sport in September but has today found out it was unsuccessful.

The group has indicated a collaborative approach with the home nations and wider water polo community will put them in a strong position for future funding support.

A statement from the British Water Polo Leadership Group said: “As many people will know, British Swimming were invited to submit an investment application and detailed strategic plan for Water Polo in Britain to UK Sport back in September.

“This application was developed in partnership with the home nation governing bodies of England, Scotland and Wales, the wider Polo community and the British Water Polo Leadership Group.

“Today British Swimming received feedback from UK Sport on its application for progression sport funding for the next quadrennial. Unfortunately our sport was not successful in obtaining direct investment on this occasion, which is very disappointing news for everyone involved and our stakeholders.

Push forward

“UK Sport has, however, officially recognised the strong work done to date on the strategy and governance of our sport, most notably the collaborative approach taken by British Swimming, the home nations and the wider water polo community.

“We have been made aware that there is likely to be future funding support for sports in our position and we believe that the work done to date will put us in a strong position to successfully apply for this in due course.

“We are encouraged by the recognition of UK Sport of the progress that has been made and although funding would have accelerated our development, we will continue to push forward in our ambition to develop the performance end of British Water Polo.

“We would like to thank Swim England, Scottish Swimming, Swim Wales and all of the home nations Water Polo volunteer working groups for the work done to date.”