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Performance Foundation course was an ‘enlightening experience’ for coach Chris

The head coach of the women’s U17s Great Britain water polo team believes UK Coaching’s Performance Foundation Coach Support Programme has helped him improve his skillset.

Chris Motley has completed the 18-month programme having been one of 45 coaches from 19 summer and winter Olympic sports that have been chosen by UK Coaching’s Talent and Performance team in January 2019.

He described it as an ‘enlightening experience’ and had inspired him to become a more effective and thoughtful coach.

Chris added: “As a coach of many years, it’s easy to get set in your ways and be comfortable with how you coach and what you think you know.

“Being part of the programme has enabled me to analyse my approach to coaching and habits that I have formed over the years.

“Being able to talk and interact with other coaches who are practicing at the top end of their respective sports has inspired me to want to perform more often outside my comfort zone – that’s where we truly learn about ourselves as players and coaches!

“The Performance Foundation Programme has also given me the chance to take time to listen to other coaches and their views on the finer points of coaching elite players and those aspiring to be a part of their respective talent programmes.

More effective and thoughtful coach

“It’s also been fabulous to be able to take part in seminars led by leading world-class coaches, such as Peter Moores, allowing me an insight into the thinking and practices of those who have reached the very top as a coach.

“I truly believe as coaches we are a product of our experiences – in and out of our sport – and being part of the Performance Foundation Programme has undoubtedly improved me as a coach by adding significantly to my ‘toolkit’.

“It’s also given me the skills to look at situations through different sets of eyes.

“I sincerely believe it has made me a more effective and thoughtful coach and I hope to stay in touch with other coaches I have met through the programme.”