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Coventry University Water Polo Scholarship

Map of Coventry UniversityCoventry University offer both men’s and women’s water polo teams as well as scholarship opportunities for talented athletes.

The Coventry University scholarships are based on a combination of funding and tailored support for athletes competing at international or national level.

Coventry University Sport

Coventry University Water Polo Scholarships

While water polo is not one of the university’s priority sports, applications for a Coventry University Water Polo Scholarship will be considered.

Coventry University currently offer two levels of scholarship to elite athletes.

The top level is for athletes competing at a high national or international level and is worth £3,000 overall.

The scholarship is split between £1,500 in cash and £1,500 towards support such as pre-season screening, physiotherapy, sports psychology, sports nutrition, strength and conditioning, performance analysis, mentoring, performance workshops and flexible study.

The second level of award is for students who compete at a high county or national level and is worth £1,500, again as a combination of cash and tailored support.

Sports Facilities at the Coventry University

The Performance Centre at Coventry University consists of a range of free weight stations, five Olympic lifting platforms including one with a built in force platform and video cameras set up for 3D movement analysis, a 20m running track and ample free space for movement training.

The water polo club are based at Coventry Sports and Leisure Centre within walking distance of the university.

The pool also plays host to the City of Coventry swimming and water polo teams and features a 50m pool.