LEN international transfer process

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LEN, the European Governing Body for the aquatic disciplines, has for some time required Water Polo players to follow a clearly defined transfer process when moving between two LEN registered federations.

The process, applicable to players of all ages who have been registered with LEN recognised federations within the last three years, requires clubs and athletes to fulfil these obligations during two designated transfer windows.

Following a recent review Swim England will be introducing changes to its membership registration system to support the International Transfer Certificate process.

Players who have transferred will be assigned an attribute on the membership system confirming their successful completion of the process. In addition, when renewing player memberships clubs will be asked to confirm that their players have complied with the process.

With regard to any disciplinary action against players and / or clubs who have not complied with the process, the LEN Dispute Panel is the recognised body for dealing with any issues arising. Complainants should refer all matters directly to LEN with the accompanying fee.

It is recommended that all competition providers, if appropriate, reference abiding with outcomes from the LEN Disputes Panel in their relevant rules and regulations.