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Liverpool Hope University Water Polo Scholarship

Map of Liverpool Hope UniversityLiverpool Hope University offer a performance scholarship for talented students in dance, drama, music or sport.

The scholarship carries a bursary of up to £1,000 while the university is within walking distance of Liverpool Aquatic Centre.

Liverpool Hope University

Liverpool Hope University Water Polo Scholarships

Athletes may apply for a Liverpool Hope University Water Polo Scholarship through the university’s Performance Scholarship scheme which is open to new students performing in Dance, Drama, Music or Sport at a national or international level.

All sports – including water polo and swimming – are eligible and the scholarship would include a bursary of up to £1,000 on the commencement of study.

Students with a Liverpool Hope University Water Polo Scholarship will be expected to act as ambassadors and role models for the university in terms of their participation in sporting activities.

They will also be expected to assist in promoting the sporting profile of the university.

Sports Facilities at Liverpool Hope University

Hope Park Sports is a sports facility complex based in the Faculty of Sciences and Social Sciences with a gym based at the Strive Fitness Suite.

While there is no swimming pool based on campus, the University of Liverpool Sports and Fitness Centre and Liverpool Aquatic Centre, the latter where Liverpool Water Polo Club play and train, are both within walking distance of the Hope Park Campus