Over 50 athletes to receive water polo funding

Over fifty young athletes will receive water polo funding and support packages from GLL, part of a UK wide £1.2 million fund for 2016.

The athletes will receive support from the GLL Sport Foundation. The GSF is the largest independent athlete talent programme in the UK. The programme is run in partnership with the ASA, SportsAid, British Swimming and local councils.

Athletes can use their water polo funding in many different ways.  It can contribute to training camps and competition entry, as well as accommodation costs. Due to the high level of young talent on the programme, they will be focusing their attentions on the 2020 and 2024 Olympic Games. They will also be aiming for other international competitions in the meantime.

Much of the water polo funding is aimed at developing young athletes. A total of 54 per cent of all awards go to players under the age of 21. Funding is not easily available to these athletes due to education and other commitments and the cost of entering competitions is high. 91 per cent of the award recipients receive no other sport funding at all.

GSF Patron and former Olympic champion Sally Gunnell explains: “It is vitally important that we inspire young people to excel in sport and harness their talent towards future Games”.

“From starting out as a young athlete and progressing through my sport, I know that support through your development years is crucial. I am delighted that through this programme I am able to champion such support for future sporting talent.”

How water polo funding helps athletes

GSF water polo athlete Isabelle Dean described how the GSF is supporting athletes such as her along her sporting journey: “I have recently been selected as one of the GB U19 women’s water polo training squad for 2016. I hope to be one of the 13 players who will be selected to compete in the European U19 women’s water polo Championship in September 2016.

GLL assistance would be invaluable in supporting me in my elite sporting endeavours.

“I play for London Otter Women’s National League first team which involves travelling for weekend tournaments throughout the year. All the expenses which I incur – travel and hotel – are self-funded, as is the cost of all my sportswear and equipment. GLL assistance would be invaluable in supporting me in my elite sporting endeavours.”

The award packages available to supported athletes include financial grants of up to £1,250, access to venues through training memberships and other opportunities which are focussed on supporting their athlete journey.

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