Find out what was discussed at water polo regional meetings

Representatives from the water polo community across the country are being given the chance to help develop the sport at a series of regional meetings.

Led by consultant David Meli, the meetings are taking place at eight venues between Tuesday 3 December and Tuesday 17 December.

The meetings provide an opportunity for members of the water polo community to come together and provide some thoughts and insight across a range of areas including club development, coaching and officiating support, competition structures, the talent pathway and leadership/governance.

David said: β€œI was keen to set up this series of regional meetings in order to hear from clubs and other organisations who are involved in the front line delivery of the sport.

β€œIt is important that we gather as much detail and information as possible in order to produce a manageable and sustainable plan for water polo.”

Agenda for regional water polo meetings

  1. Welcome
  2. Participation and club development
  3. Competition pathway – inc calendar
  4. Coaching/officiating development
  5. Talent pathway
  6. Leadership/governance
  7. AOB/questions*

* Questions can be submitted in advance via email to stating the date and location of the meeting.

You can download a summary of the discussions at each meeting below.

Regional Meetings