Sport and Recreation Alliance seeking clarity on immigration changes

The Sport and Recreation Alliance and British University and Colleges Sports (BUCS) have released a statement regarding recent changes made by the Home Office to the definition of ‘professional sportsperson’ set out in the immigration rules.

It is a condition of certain visas, including Tier 4 student visas, that the visa holder is prohibited from engaging as a professional sportsperson.

Relevant visa holders (including students) who are not providing services as a professional sportsperson – for example where they are participating in amateur/grassroots sport – should remain unaffected.

The Home Office has more recently updated the definition of ‘professional sportsperson’ to clarify its application in certain circumstances. The most up-to-date definition can be found here (pages 5-6) along with an accompanying explanatory memorandum (see para 7.54).

The statement also states neither the Alliance nor BUCS will advise on individual issues. If anybody has any queries, they should seek guidance from their immigration officer or admissions team from their respective university.