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‘Exciting clashes’ lined up in U16s Girls’ Inter-Regional Championships

A number of ‘exciting clashes’ will take place at the U16s Girls’ Inter-Regional Championships at the beginning of next month.

One week after the U16 boys’ championships, 10 girls teams will compete at the Walsall Gala Baths on Saturday 4 and Sunday 5 December.

North West Thunder were the last winners of the U16 Girls Inter-Regional Championships back in July 2019.

They will face North East Steelers, East Angels, South West Anderida and Scotland Saltires in Division One.

Meanwhile, East Midlands, West Midlands, Wales, South West Sharks and London will all be going head-to-head in Division Two.

The divisions are based on the 2019 final places for the U14s Inter-Regional Championships.

Competition organiser Joanne Mountfield said: “We’re really looking forward to back-to-back weekends of Inter-Regional Championships action.

“The girls’ competition has some really exciting clashes and I’m sure all the players will be relishing the chance to enjoy the thrill of competitive matches again after so long.” 

U16s Girls’ Inter-Regional Championships 2021 fixtures

Click here to download the fixtures and format of U16s Girls’ Inter-Regional Championships

Division One

  1. North East Steelers
  2. East Angels
  3. South East Anderida
  4. North West Thunder
  5. Scotland Saltires

Division Two

  1. West Midlands
  2. East Midlands
  3. Wales
  4. South West Sharks
  5. London