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Water polo attracts new fans at Swim Serpentine

Last weekend’s Swim Serpentine saw a number of new water polo fans braving the cold water of the Serpentine to try the sport.

Swim England offered 30-minute taster sessions throughout the day to the 5000 participants of the event as well as their friends and family.

The sessions were delivered by our Talent Development Officer Norman Leighton and UWE Water Polo Officer Brad Coleman.

A wide range of ages were attracted to the sport, including nine-year old Jessica, who tried water polo after learning about water safety at a Swim Safe session.

Water polo at the Serpentine 2017

“We had a fantastic morning on Saturday,” said Jessica’s mum Alison.“Everyone was very welcoming and enthusiastic.

“We heard about the Serpentine day through the RNLI but had no idea it would be so big with so much going on.

“I decided to have an open water swim session and my husband went for the polo with Jessica. We stayed for quite a few hours and it was absolutely brilliant!

“The water polo coaching was inspiring and fun and Jessica is dead keen to join the nearest club!”