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Worthing worthy winners of U15s National Age Group title

Undefeated Worthing proved to be worthy winners of the Swim England National Age Group Championships U15s boys competition.

Following a hard-fought tournament at the Manchester Aquatics Centre, the South East side maintained their unbeaten run with a 10-2 victory over Watford A in the final.

Worthing coach Alistair Roberts praised his team saying: “I’m delighted.

“We have a fantastic group who really work hard for each other. They deserved the success. They really are a great group to work with. We had a plan and they stuck to it perfectly.”

Worthing had been drawn in what was considered a tough group but they sailed through it with relative comfort.

They defeated Sedgefield 15-4, and then gave an excellent and disciplined performance to emerge victorious over last year’s winners, City of Manchester A, 9-1.

Heading into the play-off stages with confidence, they took on a strong Birmingham side and ran out 9-6 winners.

In the semi-final, Worthing eased past Nova Centurions, winning 13-4.

That set up a final tie against Watford, who had edged past Sheffield in the last four, and Worthing got off to a fantastic start, opening the scoring with only 10 seconds on the clock.

From there, both teams probed in attack and Worthing sought to use their pace and break forward quickly.

But Watford played some good, calm water polo in response, forcing a number of good saves from the Worthing goalkeeper.

An end-to-end half saw Worthing take a slender advantage into the break, but this was anyone’s game with both sides defending well.

In the second half, Worthing continued to press forward and were rewarded with two goals in quick succession, taking the game out of Watford A’s reach and controlling the match.

Dominating the play, Worthing overpowered their opponents, scoring late on to add the final flourish to a great performance.

City of Birmingham take national bronze

After beating Croydon Amphibians 13-1 with an extremely impressive opening performance, followed by an equally emphatic showing against Cheltenham (13-2), Birmingham were knocked back, losing by the eventual winners at the play-off stage.

However this was still enough to take them into a the bronze medal match.
Birmingham recaptured their form from earlier in the tournament, and put on an excellent display against City of Bristol.

The Midlands side ran riot in the first half of the bronze medal match, playing with a real confidence, scoring some spectacular goals before half time.

A late rally from Bristol wasn’t enough to trouble this Birmingham side, who eventually came out on top 10-3.

Report: Charlie Benny. Pictures: Morgan Harlow

Results and Group Tables

Final Placings

17-18 Play-Off
Watford B3 – 5City of Manchester B
15-16 Play-Off
Croydon Amphibians8 – 9Northampton
13-14 Play-Off
Sedgefield11 – 6Bridgefield
11-12 Play-Off
Cwm Draig0 – 11London Penguins
9-10 Play-Off
Cheltenham1 – 8Devonport
7-8 Play-Off
City of Manchester A5 – 6Ealing
5-6 Play-Off
Nova Centurion1 – 3City of Sheffield
Bronze Medal Match
City of Birmingham10 – 3City of Bristol
Worthing10 – 2Watford A

Playoff Stages

1-6 Playoffs
City of Birmingham6 – 9Worthing
Watford A7 – 5City of Bristol
City of Birmingham6 – 2Nova Centurion
Watford A3 – 3City of Sheffield
Worthing13 – 4Nova Centurion
City of Bristol7 – 5City of Sheffield
7-12 Playoffs
Cheltenham3 – 8City of Manchester A
Devonport13 – 3London Penguin
Cheltenham9 – 2Cwm Draig
Devonport4 – 6Ealing
City of Manchester A19 – 3Cwm Draig
London Penguin5 – 7Ealing
13-18 Playoffs
Croydon Amphibians4 – 9Sedgefield
City of Manchester B1 – 18Bridgefield
Croydon Amphibians12 – 2Watford B
City of Manchester B1 – 17Northampton
Sedgefield14 – 1Watford B
Bridgefield4 – 3Northampton

Group G

City of Birmingham210112
Nova Centurion2002-130

Group H

Watford A211023
City of Bristol210102
City of Sheffield2011-21

Group I

City of Manchester A2200214
Cwm Draig2002-230

Group J

London Penguin2002-120

Group K

Croydon Amphibians210152
Watford B2002-230

Group L

City of Manchester B2002-330

Group Stages

City of Birmingham13 – 1Croydon Amphibians
Sedgefield2 – 13City of Manchester A
Nova Centurion11 – 1Watford B
City of Manchester B2 – 21Watford A
Bridgefield1 – 4London Penguin
City of Sheffield4 – 2Northampton
Sedgefield4 – 15Worthing
Nova Centurion11 – 0Cwm Draig
City of Birmingham13 – 2Cheltenham
Bridgefield7 – 9City of Bristol
City of Sheffield4 – 3Ealing
City of Manchester B0 – 19Devonport
Watford B3 – 7Cwm Draig
Croydon Amphibians4 – 5Cheltenham
City of Manchester A1 – 9Worthing
Northampton2 – 10Ealing
Watford A3 – 3Devonport
London Penguin2 – 3City of Bristol

Group A

City of Birmingham2200234
Croydon Amphibians2002-130

Group B

City of Manchester A210132

Group C

Nova Centurion2200214
Cwm Draig2101-72
Watford B2002-140

Group D

Watford A2110193
City of Manchester B2002-380

Group E

City of Bristol220034
London Penguin210122

Group F

City of Sheffield220034