Dates confirmed for 2016 ASA National Summer Championships


The 2016 ASA National Summer Championships will take place across five days at Ponds Forge in Sheffield from 1 – 5 August.

The Championships will continue to form part of a broader Performance Pathway Strategy aimed at increasing and supporting junior talent on the journey towards senior medal-winning performance, as well as offering more athletes across the Home Nations an opportunity to compete at one of the end of season events.

Following the successful inaugural ASA Championships this year, the event has been reviewed and as a result some minor changes will be made.

The age groupings for the 2016 ASA event have been slightly altered with male athletes aged 13/14years, 15years, 16years, 17years, and 18years and over, and for female athletes aged 12/13years, 14years, 15years, 16years, and 17years and over. All ages for the event are as of midnight on 31 December 2016.

Swimmers will have the opportunity to post a long course ranking time within a ‘qualification window’ which this season will run from 11 March 2016 – 30 May 2016 (inclusive).

As in 2015, up to the top 24 ranked swimmers in each age grouping will be invited to the British Summer Championships which will take place 26 – 31 July in Sheffield. English swimmers who qualify within the next 20 places in the rankings, in each age grouping, will then be invited to the ASA National Summer Championships.

There will not be any relay events in the 2016 ASA National Summer Championships programme. Relays will only be held at the British Summer Championships.

Further information about British Summer Championships can be found here.

The ASA National Open Water Championships will take place over the weekend of 23/24 July 2016 prior to the British Championships, at Rother Valley Country Park.


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