NAGS14 Volunteer Blog: Meet Teri Jeynes

Sports Pres Team

My name is Teri and I am the Sports Presentation Manager for the National Age Groups 2014.

When I first started my venture into aquatics, I was an athlete in swimming, and after retiring at about 18/19, I was offered an opportunity to go into announcing at a local meet. I really enjoying doing this to Regional Meet Level and was further offered a place by the South West Region ASA on the Sports Presentation Managers Course in Sheffield.

This enabled me to experience the Nationals and see how the competitions were run – it was then after that I was offered the role of Sports Presentation Manager the following year (2011!) Since that time, I have worked the event every year and love every minute of it!

When I tell people the role I do, they are always surprised by the level of detail that goes into the competition itself, before, during and after.

My role essentially entails, controlling everything that a spectator/swimmer will see on the pool deck, and creating the atmosphere which is so vital at these competitions. My role sees me plan out timelines prior to the event, to know session times, and to arrange when finals will be completed. As well as lining up victory ceremonies and ensuring presentations are slick and engaging & enticing for the audience.

The visual side, includes all the videos and sponsor information the announcers and commentators will refer to in what we call a ‘Pre Show’ so the part before the racing commences. Further to that, all the music from warm ups, to athlete entrance has to be analysed to create the right mood and ensure everyone is clapping and cheering!

Sometimes that bit takes a lot of patience as you can’t just use anything! During the competition you can normally find me up in the balcony on a radio cueing in referees,
announcers, audio or videos – basically anything that happens on the pool deck!

The fun starts when we have technical delays as you really have to think on your feet! But I love the pressure (I think!)

The role itself is voluntary, which I complete outside my role as an Estate Agent in Hampshire – so never a minute goes past when I¹m not busy!

It does take a lot of my time, but it really is the best feeling when you work with a great team, like I have at this years Age Groups, and the atmosphere you get when you complete the event! I have to say you really do meet some amazing people, of all ages who all have the same passion, to make these competitions fantastic!

I would strongly recommend to have a go and get involved as its such good fun!

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