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Getting into Masters Swimming – let us find you a Club

This page is to help you with getting into Masters swimming, which is essentially swimming for over 18s.

It encompasses casual fitness swimming to highly-organised competitive swimming and how far you go is up to you. The broad objectives are better health, getting fit, and friendship between swimmers.

If you are getting into Masters swimming to race competitions, then these are held regionally, nationally and internationally. This blog post offers good reasons to get involved in competitions. But there is no compulsion to compete. It is as much about fun as racing.

  • Note, if you do want to race competitively in England you’ll need to be an ASA member. Find out about ASA Membership here.

Ways of getting into Masters swimming

  1. Let us find a club for you! Use the form below to get in contact and we’ll find you a Masters swimming club.
  2. If you fancy going it alone then click here to use our Poolfinder and find your local Masters swimming club.
  3. Ask other Masters a question in the Masters Hub Community here.