Thomas eases to gold for Palace

Delfina Thomas from Crystal Palace Diving Club finished in pole position in the Girls’ Group D Platform event at the final day of the Diving National Age Group Championships 2018.

She performed consistently throughout and won by 25.15 points with a score of 183.35.

Second place went to Lauren Saunders of Albatross Diving Club Reading with a score of 158.20. This is Saunders’ third medal. She won gold in the Girls’ Group D 3m Springboard event and gold in the Girls’ Group D 1m Springboard event. Third place went to Crystal Palace’s Corin Burrows Mackley who finished with 145.00 points.

Second gold for Rudd

Sam Rudd, from Dacorum Diving Club, won his second gold of the competition in the Boys’ Group A 3m Springboard event. Having previously got silver in the Boys’ Group A Platform event and gold in the Boys’ Group A 1m Springboard, he scored 337.25 points with his highest scoring dive, an inward 2 1/2 somersault, received an impressive 60.00 points from the judges.

Second place went to Albatross Diving Club Reading’s Edward Beal with 300.65, points while third place went to Nat Connolly, of Luton Diving Club, who scored 285.70.

Guest diver Martin Nielson, of DuDive Dubai, received a guest silver medal for his final score of 326.20.

Crystal Palace sneak gold

Crystal Palace diver Lucas Clayton impressed with his final dive in the Boys’ Group D 1m Springboard event. The inward 1 1/2 somersault received 45.60 points and brought him up from second place to finish with a score of 165.05. This is Clayton’s second medal having finished in third in the Boys’ Group D 3m Springboard.

City of Sheffield divers took places two and three. Theo Wellington finished in second with 162.80 points and Oscar Willcox came third with 156.20 points.

This was Wellington’s fourth medal. Earlier in the competition he won gold in the Boys’ Group D Platform event, gold in the Boys’ Group D 3m Springboard and bronze in the Boys’ Group C/D 1m Synchro.

Guest divers Rayne Hamilton, from Edinburgh Diving Club, and Zac Pollard, from DuDive Dubai, won a guest gold and silver respectively for their performances that scored 168.80 and 165.15 points.

Low dominates girls’ Group B Platform

Victoria Low, from Southampton Diving Academy, dominated in the Girls’ Group B Platform event. She performed consistently to finish on top with a score of 237.85.

Second place went to Amelia Scott, from City of Sheffield Diving Club, with 223.70 points while third place went to Maria Marasescu on 215.35 points.

This is Scott’s fourth medal having got bronze in the Girls’ Group B 1m springboard, gold in the Girls’ Group B 3m Springboard and silver in the Girls’ Group A/B 3m Synchro event with team mate Millie-Rose Hartley.

Image credit: Will Johnston