Discover the fitness benefits of aqua jogging.

Aqua Jogging offers you all the benefits of running but with less impact on your body. In short, it offers better results for less work.

It’s also ankle friendly, which makes it perfect for runners recovering from an injury. And that’s not the only benefit aqua jogging has over its land-based counterpart.

  • Water is denser than air so you work harder and burn more calories
  • The pressure of the water helps your heart pump blood around your body
  • There’s no pressure to ‘go fast’ with its extra stress on your joints.

So if you are a runner already and recovering from an injury, or if you want a good workout for less effort, then try aqua jogging.

What to expect in an aqua jogging class

Aqua Jogging classes last about an hour. Be prepared to use your arms, hips, and legs continuously as you jog in the deep area of the pool.

Your first class a qualified instructor will take you through the basics, such as how to fit your equipment, and how to get the most out of your workout.

Once you know the basics you can aqua jog at any time without needing an instructor. You can expect to use two key pieces of equipment:

  • Water shoes: These are key to getting the most out of your workout. Bare feet can work but won’t give you the necessary resistance and motion.
  • Flotation belt: If you are deep water aqua jogging then you will need a flotation belt to keep your torso partially above the water while you run.

The key to effective aqua jogging is to keep your upper body straight and to not lean forward too much.

Also try to lift the knee higher than you would if running on land. This will help you remain upright.

  • To find your nearest class go to Pool Finder, enter your postcode and filter for Aqua Fitness.

Aqua jogging in shallower water

Aqua jogging can also be done in shallower water without a flotation belt or vest. If you want to have a go take a look at the video. Below are also a few tips.

  1. Try to keep the water line at shoulder level with your mouth comfortably above the surface.
  2. Stand up straight with your core engaged
  3. Start jogging as you would on dry land
  4. As you lift your knees pump your arms.
  5. To make it harder try using aqua dumbbells.