Improve your swimming fitness with our 20-session programme

If you’re looking for new ideas for your swimming sessions, why not improve your swimming fitness with our 20-step programme?

Each session of the programme involves a warm up, skill development set, main set and swim down. The programme will ultimately take you to swimming more than 70 lengths, as well as developing your swimming skills.

You don’t need to be a seasoned swimmer to start off.

The first session involves swimming 12 lengths (300 metres). By session 10, you will be swimming 38 lengths (950 metres).

There are also helping hints and tips throughout to keep you swimming in the right direction.

Depending on swimming experience so far, you may choose to start at session 1 and repeat, or a later session might be more appropriate for you. Either way, get in the pool, have a go and think about how the session felt.

Get started and improve your swimming fitness

Click or tap below to find out more about that session. Training sessions 1-10 are available now while sessions 11-20 will arrive next month.

These pool training sessions are exclusively available for Swim England members. You can become a Just Swim member for free by registering here.