Making Memories, Connecting Generations, Bringing Families Together

In April 2018, we launched the second wave of our #LoveSwimming campaign, raising awareness of the benefits of swimming and encouraging participation across the country. The second wave was called ‘Making Memories, Connecting Generations, Bringing Families Together’.

Making Memories, Connecting Generations, Bringing Families Together

The swimming sector has released the next chapter in their #LoveSwimming campaign encouraging families to go swimming and make the most of those precious family moments.

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Time flies. One minute you are taking your baby swimming for the first time, receiving his first swimming certificate, the next he is proudly claiming his 50m distance badge and suddenly he doesn’t need you to hold his hand as he heads out to meet his friends.

Letting go is inevitable. And letting go doesn’t just happen once – it happens time and time again as your child grows and changes. As your children grow up, time spent as a family with Mum and Dad isn’t “cool” or a first choice activity.

‘Together’ is the next chapter in the #LoveSwimming campaign and tells a story from a mum’s point of view – a story we have found has resonated with mums all over the country. Time with your children, the time when they want to spend their time with you rather than anyone else, is fleeting.

And as parents, we can all ensure we don’t miss out on those precious years by going swimming as a family on a Saturday morning, making the most of those passing moments – and not only give your children a life skill and get them active, but create a connection and memories that last a lifetime.

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We are encouraging people across the country to #LoveSwimming with us. Simply enter your postcode into pool finder below for a list of your nearest swimming pools.