Helen back to enjoying family time in the water after lockdown reignited her passion

Adult learner Helen Mbaziira has revealed how the coronavirus lockdown has reignited her passion for the water – as it’s the perfect way to enjoy valuable family time.

Helen featured in the industry-wide #LoveSwimming campaign celebrating the achievements of adults who have conquered a fear of the water, or simply decided it’s never too late to learn, in a bid to inspire others.

She had been swimming for around six months when the lockdown restrictions forced pools to close – and she soon realised how much she was missing the water.

Speaking earlier this year, Helen said: “When we went into the lockdown, it was really challenging to try and keep my physical activity levels the same or maintained – so that was tough immediately.

“It affected my body a little bit but we’ve been going for a family walk or a family run for the time when I next return to the water.

“I’m really looking forward to that moment when the pools can open again. I miss swimming, I miss going to competitions for my children who are competitive swimmers and I miss being on poolside.

“I did not think I would ever be able to say this but yes I am – I do miss being on poolside.”

When pools were given the go ahead to reopen in July, Helen returned to the water with her daughters – although it took her a while to remember everything she had initially learned.

“I had a great swim,” she said. “I’d literally forgotten everything that I’d learnt in the past few months but spending a bit of time in the water, and with a few reminders from my daughter, I got the hang of it.

“Having fun with my daughter, being back in the water and spending family time together was a great moment and that what I enjoy the most – swimming as a family.

“We will be swimming as a family so over time, I know I’m going to get very confident and swimming as a family is going to get even more enjoyable.”