Tone your inner thighs with a side leg raise in water

If you are looking for something different to do in the pool, then our pool exercise ideas are just the thing. No swimming required, just a steady, simple workout using the resistance and support offered by water. This idea is a pool-based side leg raise. Side leg raises in the water.

A side leg raise with a noodle is a great way of working your inner thighs thanks to water resistance. Always warm up before exercise. Checkout our stretching section here for more on warming up. You can find leg only stretches here.

  • Body areas worked: upper legs (inner thighs), bottom, and stomach (abs)
  • Related exercises: Hamstring Curls
  • Equipment needed: a noodle

How to do a pool-based side leg raise

Starting position

  • Out of the pool tie the noodle into a knot and then place one foot through the middle
  • Once your foot is in the middle of the knot, keep the leg straight and push downwards until your feet are together on the pool floor
  • Stand up tall with your feet together

Movement in the water

  • Keep your leg straight and maintain a good upright posture. Then take the leg with the noodle directly out to the side by 45 – 60 degrees
  • Under control, bring your leg back down to the floor to the starting position
  • Keep your core engaged throughout the exercise
  • Perform the movement with the opposite leg
  • Try to do 10-12 repetitions for each leg

Advanced option

If you feel this is too easy then you can increase the intensity by the following methods.

  • Increase the time it takes to perform the leg movement. The slower the move takes, the harder the legs will have to work.
  • Increase the weight around your foot.
  • Increase the number of repetitions

Simple option

If you feel this is too hard then you can decrease the intensity by the following methods:

  • Perform the movement without the use of a noodle. This will reduce the weight bearing on your leg.