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Inaugural Kent v Sussex Masters Challenge Cup

William Long (Sussex Masters Rep) reports on the inaugural Kent v Sussex Masters Challenge Cup, which went ahead despite the snowy conditions in Royal Tunbridge Wells last weekend.

Varied and well-fought events

More than 120 swimmers from Kent and Sussex attended and everyone seemed to enjoy the varied and well-fought events which were mixed, male and female relay races combining mixed ages.

One exception to this format was a highlight; the individual 70+ men and women’s events which, in the case of the men, required two heats.

There were two Sussex and two Kent teams competing for two new shields and some tremendously close finishes separated by fractions of a second. Although Sussex won this time it was very close and thoroughly enjoyable.

We retired to the pub afterwards to reflect on a great day.

Kent v Sussex Masters image


I have included a link to the results below, not because they will be of any particular interest, but because I was so impressed with the youth volunteer scorer Nathan Friend.

Overnight, he built a software package to present the results in an excellent format, which I think deserves high praise and perhaps might be of interest at other events.

The results and splits can be found on Nathan’s website.

Why not challenge your nearest county to a head to head and create your own duel in the pool?!