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Coaches revealed for upcoming online National Event Camp

Coach selections for the Swim England National Event Camp have been confirmed.

The online event will take place on the weekend of the 21 and 22 November with a total of 17 coaches selected.

Leading the camp will be head coaches Dan Pillbrow (West Suffolk), Emma Collings-Barnes (Mount Kelly), and Marc Foster (Boldmere), with more than 90 teenagers selected to take part.

Some of the key aims of the National Event Camp include developing technical and tactical areas for races, enhancing athletes’ understanding of nutrition, physical and mental wellbeing, and utilising video analysis when pool access is permitted.

The coaches that have been selected are:

  • Dan Pilbrow – Head Coach (West Suffolk)
  • Emma Collings-Barnes – Head Coach (Mount Kelly)
  • Marc Foster – Head Coach (Boldmere)
  • Matt Turner – Skills Coach (City of Manchester)
  • Neil Shire – Skills Coach (Exeter City)
  • Adam Taylor – Skills Coach (Camden Swiss Cottage)
  • Claudia Clements – Skills Coach (Guildford City)
  • Jan Hutchings – Skills Coach (Poole)
  • Mark McKenna – Skills Coach (Leicester Sharks)
  • Martin Brooks – Skills Coach (Wirral Metro)
  • Kevin Schofield – Skills Coach (City of Leeds)
  • Lewis Dunford – Skills Coach (Guildford)
  • Dave Painter – Skills Coach (Royal Wolverhampton)
  • Rob Vaughan – Skills Coach (City of Leicester)
  • Paul Wilson – Skills Coach (City of Coventry)
  • Lesley Batson – Skills Coach (Putteridge)
  • Matthew Puddy – Skills Coach (Millfield)

Head coach of West Suffolk Swimming Club, Dan Pilbrow, said: “This camp is going to be a great opportunity to work with both coaches and athletes solely over a digital platform.

“Whilst this is still a relatively new concept for most, I think it will become more familiar in the months and years ahead.

“Any chance to further my knowledge and working relationships with both coaches and athletes is always beneficial – no matter the platform.”

Pilbrow admits that although this year’s camp will be different, it will “be a great chance for swimmers to engage in different ways”.

“It will allow them to, hopefully, be more vocal and to focus more on the theory behind what they do in the pool,” he added.

“To learn more about the building blocks of their performance as an athlete with strength and conditioning and nutrition workshops and lifestyle changes they can make.

“All the things that can help them to improve as individuals away from the pool. I’m excited to work with the talented coaches and athletes that make up this camp.”

Always a privilege

Emma Collings-Barnes, Director of Swimming at Mount Kelly, is delighted to represent her club on the camp.

She said: “Swim England has done an incredible job in finding a way to continue the talent pathway remotely.

“I feel this will add fantastic value and motivation to our competitive youth athletes who have been going through the hardest time of their competitive careers. I am delighted to represent Mount Kelly and it is a pleasure to be part of.”

In addition, Marc Foster of Boldmere Swimming Club, commented: “This year will be very different and I am looking forward to seeing what skills they have learnt from lockdown that they can bring to the camp.

“Also how the coaching team, support staff, and athletes overcome the challenges that we are facing with running a virtual National Event Camp so that the athletes all learn a huge amount from the camps, the same as they would if it was ran normally.

“It is always a privilege to be selected to be part of the camp and I have been lucky enough to be involved with it for a number of years.

“Each year it is always exciting to work with the selected athletes and coaches to help give them the tools and skills needed to develop them for future success at an international level, both junior and senior.”

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