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More than 100 swimmers join Swim England's Diploma in Sporting Excellence

More than 100 swimmers have been selected to be a part of Swim England’s Diploma in Sporting Excellence (DiSE) programme for 2023-2025.

120 swimmers have joined the government-funded programme is fully integrated into all Swim England talent pathways and offers the perfect environment for athletes to harmoniously combine their sport and education.

The latest cohort attended their induction day at Loughborough College on Wednesday 25 October where they took part in four separate workshops.

Each of the workshops were led by one of Swim England’s Sport Science and Medicine support practitioners to provide the athletes with the knowledge and skills they need to integrate what they’ve learnt into their home club programmes.

Alex Stoyel ran a session on Psychology, Josh Dyson on nutrition, Craig Robertson on Physiology and Tom McManus led a workshop on technical skills.

DiSE athletes will be invited to a number of Swim England workshops, camps, club visits and online one-to-one progress reviews, supported by professional coaches, specialist practitioners, talent staff and DiSE assessors across the next two years.

The workshops are tailored around the qualification specification and focus on the skills, knowledge and competence to achieve sporting excellence.

The ultimate goal of the programme is to continue their development to help ‘prepare the athletes for a lifelong, high-performance journey in aquatics.’

‘Pursuing their full potential’

Speaking about the induction, Swim England DiSE Assessor Manager Darren Sims said: “We’re delighted to welcome the latest group of athletes on to the DiSE programme.

“It will give these talented the skills, knowledge and ability to pursue their full potential in sporting excellence, alongside developing the skills and qualifications for their career in or out of the pool.

“We have a number of workshops planned throughout the year to support in their development and each athlete will be allocated an experienced Swim England DiSE Assessor to support them every step of the way.

“It’s a fantastic opportunity and we can’t wait to watch them grow both as athletes and people throughout the next two years.”

You can find out more about the DiSE programme here and you can also check out the latest selections and more about the induction days for the artistic swimmers, divers  and water polo players that have joined the scheme.

Swimmers selected onto the DiSE programme for 2023-2025

  • Sam Adams
  • Amara Addison
  • Hayden Annan
  • Balint Ashton
  • Molly Baker
  • Jacob Barnett
  • Lachlan Beazley
  • Isabel Blackhurst
  • Chloe Bown
  • Jack Brown
  • Isaac Buchan
  • Ben Buckley
  • Alexandra Bulat
  • Mia Burslem
  • James Cam
  • Freddie Carter
  • Emilia Cieszczyk
  • Philip Cinpoes
  • Charles Clarke
  • Bethan Cooke
  • Chloe Cooke
  • Zac Cooper
  • Findlay Cordle
  • Grace Cummings
  • Henry Dean
  • Oliver Dennis
  • Annabel Dewhurst
  • Maisie Dickinson
  • Bryan Dinev
  • Joseph Edgar
  • Madison Emment
  • Isabel Lucy Farmer
  • Jack Finnie
  • Thomas Flynn
  • Christian Gayle
  • Finley Gilham
  • Rocco Giustiniani
  • William Gowler
  • Grace Greenhalf
  • Alex Grenardo
  • Lillie Grover
  • Eleanor Hall
  • Megan Hansford
  • Eva Harris Brown
  • Tom Hawkins
  • Lewis Hickman
  • Hannah Hodgkiss
  • Eve Horton
  • Jessica Humm
  • Lois Inch
  • Daniel Jackson
  • Jack Jenkinson
  • Isla Jones
  • Lewis Jones
  • Jack Kelso
  • Amy Kenworthy
  • Miles Kinlen
  • Blythe Kinsman
  • Nancy Knight
  • Maximus Leigh
  • Amber Likely
  • Lucia Lopez-Pava
  • Raheel Mahmood
  • Emily Maxwell
  • Daniel McGuinness
  • Vince Mok
  • Luke Moore
  • Libby Munday
  • Hannah Murphy
  • Sophie Murray
  • Olivia Newman-baronius
  • Evie O’Halleron-Hutchinson
  • Grace Obrien
  • Lucy Parsons
  • Erika Pasakinskaite
  • Evangeline Pierce
  • Fin Pope
  • Luke Poulton
  • Nicole Quiller
  • Sedona Reed
  • Aaliyah Richards
  • Finn Ripley
  • Laurel Roberts-Burrell
  • Patch Robinson
  • Charlie Rounce
  • Max Russell
  • Annie Sanders
  • Martha Sell
  • Isabella Shering
  • Dominic Simpson
  • Jessica Smelt
  • Charlotte Smith
  • Jessica Smith
  • Samuel Smith
  • Thomas Smith
  • Aidan Stanbrook
  • Ruby Stephenson
  • Esmee Stockley
  • Zack Sturgess
  • Philip Suddes
  • Charlotte Surrell
  • Erin Tankard
  • Ella Thornburg
  • Jonathan Thring
  • Eve Tinsley
  • Mark Tompsett
  • Emily Toms
  • Zak Troman
  • Matthew Walker
  • Ryan Wall
  • Becky Watson
  • Ronnie Weall
  • Rachel Webb
  • Millie Wells
  • Joseph Wey
  • Noah Wheeler
  • Adam White
  • Owen Whiteley
  • George Whittle
  • Jacob Wood