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Focusing on process goals

Focusing on process goals is a great way for athletes to develop psychological skills and channel their attention during times of uncertainty.

While we can’t race or train in the pool, your long-term goals aren’t lost – they’re just postponed!

Using process goals means focusing on how your current activities are fun, challenging you and giving you a sense of pride, making you an all-round better athlete.

Swim England sport psychologists Hannah Stoyel and Helen Davis have put together a video for Swim England club members, coaches and parents to understand the benefits of process goals.

Resilient and adaptable

As athletes, you already have plenty of psychological skills and habits that you have developed from day-to-day training and competitions.

You are well-versed at facing, and overcoming challenges. These require you to be resilient and adaptable.

Shifting your attention from long-term goals to process goals is another example of you adapting to the circumstances.

You know the road to success is never truly smooth or straight, and it might feel wigglier than normal right now.

But the more you can do to stay grounded, motivated, and engaged, the more you will feel in control.

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