Competitor Information

Below you can find all documents and information for competitors, coaches or team managers involved with the Swim England National Winter Championships 2018.

The competition takes place on 14 – 16 December at Ponds Forge International Sports Centre in Sheffield.

Enter the Champs

Initial entries for the National Winter Championships 2018 opened on Wednesday 26 September and have now closed due to the event being at full capacity.

Important information

Use the following links to find out more about the National Winter Championships, Challenge 68 or qualification times:

  1. Download the Event Conditions – these contain everything you need to know about competing in Sheffield.
  2. Download the Challenge 68 Info – not sure what our new event involves? Find out more on our Challenge 68 document.
  3. Download the Qualification Times – check that you have qualified to compete at Ponds Forge.
  4. Download the Entry Pack – view full information about competing.

After you have entered

  • Draft Programme – download this draft programme to view the latest entries by event.
  • Entry Checker – use the entry viewer to check all entries by name.
  • Confirmation Pack – find event details including schedules, accreditation and general information.

Other Useful Documents

Poolside Accreditation

All coaches, team managers and chaperones wishing to be poolside for the Championships must have a valid accreditation.

  • Head to our Poolside Accreditation page for full information about purchasing a pass for coaches, team managers and chaperones.