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Swim England keen for events to return as soon ‘as is possible and practicable’

Swim England is finalising its detailed return to swimming competition guidance – and is keen for events to resume as soon ‘as is possible and practicable’.

The recognised national governing body published its five-stage Roadmap for the Return to Competition for swimming before the second national lockdown.

As pools reopen across the country, Level X Racing has resumed – which is Stage Three of the Roadmap.

More than 10,000 swimmers have so far taken part in Level X time trials and it’s hoped that more will be able to do so before the end of the year.

However, Swim England has said it will not be moving to Stage Four of the Roadmap – which would see Level 4 competitions delivered within club training sessions taking place – before 2021.

George Wood, Swim England Sport Development Director, said: “Following the end of the second national lockdown and England moving into a revised tiered system, pools have started re-opening again across the country.

“In line with this, we have been able to relaunch Level X Racing for our swimming community.

“We appreciate not all clubs are able to take part in Level X Racing as some pools remain closed but it’s vital that this opportunity is available to keep our membership engaged – and we hope more clubs will be able to take part as facilities gradually reopen.

“The Swim England Swimming Leadership Group had previously published its five point Roadmap for the Return to Competition for swimming, which outlines the progressive stages towards the safe return of swimming competition.

Monitoring the situation closely

“As pools reopen again and clubs and their swimmers safely get back into the water, the return to competitive swimming remains at Stage Three of the Roadmap.

“Level X Racing is available as a competitive activity and we are looking forward to receiving a raft of results from the swimmers that will go up on the national Level X Racing Rankings and also the Level X Racing Leaderboards.

“As the end of year fast approaches, there will be no movement from Stage Three to Stage Four in 2020, which means there will be no in-person competitions taking place before the start of 2021.

“We are currently finalising the detailed return to competition guidance and plans in preparation for the time when ‘in-person’ competition can resume.

“These plans will underpin our ability to safely and confidently progress towards Stage Four of the Roadmap which features in-person competition.

“Like all of the swimming community, we are extremely keen for competition to resume as soon as possible and practicable.

“We continue to monitor the situation closely and hope to provide further update before the end of the year on the progress towards Stage Four of the Roadmap.”

Swim England continue to work with all of the leadership groups to look at the safe return of competitions for all aquatic disciplines.