Creating winning habits and taking ownership of success

It is important to understand what leads to successful performances and how to increase the likelihood of success.

In their latest video, Swim England sports psychologists Hannah Stoyel and Helen Davis discuss what athletes can do to contribute to their own success.

They touch on basic winning habits as well as taking ownership and responsibility to act on those basics.

Hit play on the video and afterwards, have a go at the task below.

Creating winning habits

Step one – what are the ‘basics’ that you have to get right to be a successful athlete? Complete the boxes below.

Taking ownership of success

Step two – how can you take ownership?

Whose responsibility is it to:

  • Watch this video and complete the activities?
  • Reach out to coaches and parents if I have questions or need support?
  • Find out how I can go the extra step?
  • Reflect on how I can improve?
  • Be creative about training options?
  • Seek out opportunities?
  • Reach my goals and full potential?

Hint: Answers are all ‘mine!’

For Hannah and Helen’s previous video, see ‘Building resilience and creating a personal highlight reel‘.