Diploma in Sporting Excellence (DiSE) - Water Polo

The Diploma in Sporting Excellence (DiSE) is a unique and industry-leading programme delivered by Swim England in conjunction with Loughborough College.

This government-funded programme is fully integrated into all Swim England talent pathways and offers the perfect environment for athletes to harmoniously combine their sport and education.

The 2022 programme spans over two years, with each athlete being allocated an experienced Swim England DiSE Assessor who will be there to support the individual every step of the way. It is specially designed to run alongside, and complement, the athletes chosen further education, A Levels or a BTEC qualification, as well as their clubs training programme.

Delivery of the programme is done via workshops, camps, and club visits and is managed by the Swim England talent team, specialist practitioners and coaches.


The DiSE programme is tailored to the athletes and their respective disciplines, offering them the key knowledge and skills necessary in order to become a high-performance international athlete.

In addition, the DiSE programme will equip the participants with the relevant expertise and capabilities in order to have a successful senior career/post-water polo career.

Topics such as lifestyle, nutrition, mental health, psychology, behaviour, and safety are some of the key components within the DiSE syllabus, as well as more practical elements such as career, finance, injuries, anti-doping and media training.

Each of the elements within the DiSE syllabus has been specifically designed to cover each and every facet of high-performance sport and will equip the athletes with the necessary tools to balance their sport and academia.

Past alumni

Past alumni of athletes to obtain the DiSE qualification include:

  • Thomas Manley – England Great Britain Jnr. – European Championships
  • Sophie Jackson – England Snr. GBR Jnr. European Championships, Uni. Michigan, USA
  • Kathy Rogers – England Snr – GBR Jnr. – European Championships, Uni. Michigan, USA
  • Joel Leighton – England Jnr. Snr, Great Britain Jnr. World Universiade
  • Katy Cutler – GB senior, England, GBR Jnr European Championships
  • Jordan Elliot – England Jnr. Snr. Great Britain Jnr. World Universiade
  • Anya Clapperton – England Senior, GB Senior. Jnr. European Championships
  • Isabelle Dean – GBR Senior England, GBR Jnr. European Championships
  • Robyn Greenslade –  GBR Senior England, GBR Jnr. European Championships
  • Lara Partridge – England GBR Senior
  • Emily Pyper – England GBR Jnr. – European Championships
  • Milly Wordley – England GBR Jnr. – European Championships
  • Amelia Peters - GBR Senior GB Junior


  • Born between the 1 September 2005 – 31 August 2006.
  • Be enrolling on to a full-time state funded further education programme (or Independent school if in receipt of at least 50 per cent fee remission).
  • Member of an English club, reside in England and eligible to represent either England, Scotland or Wales.
  • Meet the sport specific performance criteria.

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Diploma in Sporting Excellence (DiSE)

How to apply

If you would like to apply for the DiSE Programme, click on the link below. Deadline is 3 July 2022.

If you have any questions please email rachel.weston@swimming.org or telephone 07929 835 101.