ASA North West Regional Athlete Programme

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Regional Athlete Programme in partnership with the England Talent Programme.

The ASA North West Regional dates for 2017/2018 are Sunday 2nd July at Liverpool Aquatic Centre; Saturday 21st October at Accrington Academy and Saturday 30th December at Wigan Lifestyle Centre

Regional Education and Development Days:
(Minimum activity level – Attendance at 3 one day events between September and March at locations within each of the eight regions).

  • Swimmers will be selected  to attend minimum of three one day Regional Education and Development Days in each of the eight regions as follows:
  • The top Ranked swimmers, 18 male/18 female, born 2005 across Olympic pool events as per rankings at 1st June will be invited to attend.
  • Where identified swimmers have an equal ranking they will then be ranked by Fina Points and the higher scoring swimmer will be selected.

Regional Coach Selections:
(To maintain the integrity and consistency of delivery a minimum of 2 coaches will be selected from coaches selected to the England Programme activities).

  • Selection of coaches to contribute to the delivery of Regional Programme activities will be made by each region in conjunction with the England Programmes Officer in each region. Selections will seek to achieve a balanced staff to ensure quality of delivery and coach development outcomes. 
  • Coaches interested in attending Programme activities on a voluntary basis to assist in the programme or observe activities and education taking place should note their interest to the appointed Regional rep in conjunction with the England Programmes Officer.

General Conditions

  • All swimmers participating in Regional Programmes Activities must be eligible to represent England at international level.
  • World Class Programme swimmers are not eligible for selection to Regional Programme activities.
  • Athletes accepting selection will be expected to commit to all aspects of the programme including providing information when requested, attending the specific activity invited to (as detailed in selection letters) and maintaining a commitment to their own development in the sport.
  • Only athletes selected will be notified by the Regional staff.
  • Any athlete who has withdrawn or been excluded from past programme activities may be ineligible for selection.
  • England Programme selected swimmers may not eligible for selection to Regional Programme activities. (this is dependent on the decision of the Regional Swimming Management Group).