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VAT and Tax Guidance For Clubs

Swim England has created a range of useful documents to help clubs deal with issues of VAT and taxation. On this page you can find all our tax guidance and advice for clubs.

Hiring pools VAT guidance

VAT charged on the hire of swimming pools is often a significant cost for many swimming clubs.

External organisations offering clubs training

If you attend a workshop run by an organisation independent of Swim England, note that these workshops are generic. They cover all types of sports clubs. Also, many have a different constitution process to Swim England affiliated clubs. So, the advice given may not be relevant to all clubs.

Tax treatment of income from Open Meets

The taxation of income from Open Meets will vary between different swimming clubs. It depends on its tax status and individual circumstances. Whether the club is running the event as a commercial venture may also factor in.

If you need further tax guidance for your club on any of the subjects above, please contact the Swim England Clubs team.