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Equality and diversity for Swim England clubs

Swim England is committed to equality and diversity in all its functions. This includes affiliated clubs and their members.

To help you honour the practices and principles of equality and diversity we have brought together guidance, both internal and external. You access this below.

Our Equality and Diversity Policy

Firstly we advise affiliated clubs to read our Equality and Diversity Policy. This can be downloaded here.


Swimming is a fully inclusive activity. We encourage all clubs to provide the disability community with greater opportunities to improve their swimming and realise their potential. These resources will help.

Disability Resources


Swim England is responsible for regulation within its sports. These are gender-affected sports as defined by legislation, and we expect clubs to abide by our rules.

This is because physical strength, stamina or physique of average persons of one sex would put them at a disadvantage to average persons of the other sex.

We adopted a policy on trans competitors in November 2011. This was to ensure equal and fair competition in the sports, and to ensure the safety of competitors.

LGBT Resources

  • Pride Sports – LGBT sports development and equality website