August Swimming Times: Extreme Swimming Mum

4 August 2011

Read an extract from August’s Swimming Times where regular contributor ‘Swimming Mum’ reports on an extreme weekend of travelling 1,000 miles for different events!

Saturday: I can hardly believe that Swimming Daughter has completed her first year at her swimming academy and I’m going to see her collect four – that’s four! – prizes at speech day.

At this moment I hear whoops in the background as Granny has returned - I hope the newspaper was worth it!

To my surprise, Scary Teenager has opted to get up early (8am – didn’t think she knew this time existed) to join me.

Back at the ranch, Junior SD has her first competition to face (you may recall that the hideous trapped finger injury thwarted her last attempt) so she’s been left in the capable hands of Grandpa to get her to the pool. I’ll be making my way there later.

Bursting with pride, I exit the school hall and my mobile’s buzzing. I can hardly make out, between sobs, what Junior has to say. It’s along the lines of ‘Can’t go to the competition... newspaper.... Granny...’ ‘Put Grandpa on,’ I plead as I’m attempting to load SD’s trunk into the boot of my car.

The issue seems to be that Granny stepped out an hour earlier to buy a newspaper and hasn’t been seen since. Do I have time for this? We’re now at the warm-up time for Junior’s competition and I suggest that Grandpa orders a taxi and I’ll pay.

At this moment I hear whoops in the background as Granny has returned. I hope the newspaper was worth it – Junior might just make it in time!

Scary is fine with this providing the picnic can have an Alice in Wonderland theme.

Meanwhile, I usher Scary and SD into the car for the journey home. However, no time to dally. Scary needs depositing at a friend’s to beautify for her prom (might be mistaken but I think it’s my shoes that are accessorising her outfit) before trekking off to yet another leisure centre (when will it end?) to catch session 2 and Junior.

To my delight Junior, wins two medals in her debut meet. My mind goes into overdrive as I consider how I can juggle the conflicting meet requirements that will be coming up.

No time to revel in Junior’s glory – get her home and then off to pick up Scary from the prom. What I’ve failed to mention is that Sunday is Scary’s 16th birthday – which clashes with Swimming Daughter’s first open water event of the summer. At a beach four hours’ drive away.

Scary is fine with this, providing she can bring one of her equally scary friends and that the picnic can have an Alice in Wonderland theme (piece of cake – ‘eat me’).

Kids in bed and I’m up making sandwiches, cup cakes and even a Thermos of tea (Scary’s request) that they must drink from china teacups – not to mention SD’s pasta, drinks, Vaseline, Coke. None of this was ever covered in the parenting manuals that I once read!

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