British Gas ASA National Youth Championships 2011 Entry Closing Date

On 1st October 2010 the Qualifying Times for the British Gas ASA National Age Group & National Youth Championships were published on the Swimming Website.The closing date for entries to the Youth Championships was shown as 6th July 2011.

English qualifying for the British Gas ASA National Age & Youth Championships is from Meets at Levels 1 & 2. No club is permitted to have a qualifying Level 1 or 2 Meet after the 31st May. The only Level 1 Meets after this date are the Regional Championships in June.

For 2011 it has been agreed that clubs can promote meets at Level 1 on the 1st weekend in July but with the condition that these meets will not count for Age & Youth Championship Qualification in 2011. The only use for the times will be the following years British Championships. No such meets have been promoted.

To ensure that people did not enter such meets, in the belief that the times would count for 2011 National Qualification, within days of the original document being published the closing date was altered to the 1st July 2011 and an amended document published.

In February 2011 the decision was taken to include 18 year old female swimmers in the National Youth Championships and the current version of the Qualifying Times document was posted on the website.

The Scottish Open Championships have normally been the last qualifying meet for Scottish swimmers, and the change of closing date has affected this situation.

In view of this, and the fact that an increasing number of Coaches and Club Administrators have not taken note of the change in October 2010, we have decided to revert to the original closing date of 6th July 2011 (12 noon).

This is to ensure that no Youth swimmers are disadvantaged.

Advance Warning - 2012

Swimmers, Coaches and administrators need to be aware the British Gas ASA National Youth Championships will be held from the 17th – 21st July 2012. The closing date, for all Nationalities, will be Wednesday 27th June 2012.

Barry J Saunders
National Entries Administrator
ASA/British Swimming
Tel: 01423 885326
Mob: 07850 944364

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