Swim happy with training tips from Ellie Simmonds

8 August 2014

The British Gas SwimBritain is a great set of events designed to encourage the nation to take to the pool more regularly.

Ellie Simmonds is one of the SwimBritain Ambassadors and she wants to inspire the nation to rediscover a love of swimming with a training session exclusive to SwimBritain.

Recently, a study was released by British Gas SwimBritain which showed that over a four week period, swimming increased quality of sleep, improved energy levels and fitness. Just one 30 minute session has shown to improve wellbeing by 20%. So once you’ve read Ellie’s training plan, use our PoolFinder tool and go make a splash yourself.

Ellie’s Plan:

The Warm-up

1. Before you start, make sure you have a water bottle to hand. Just because you’re in water doesn’t mean you’re properly hydrated!

2. To warm up, swim six lengths of a 25m pool, with a twenty second rest between each length.

The Main Workout

3. For your main workout, first swim two lengths of either front crawl or breaststroke at a regular pace.

4. For the next two lengths, swim the first half of the length at your fastest pace then slow for the second half.

5. Repeat this for three lengths, taking a 20 second rest between each length.

6. Then finally swim two more lengths returning to your regular pace.

Cooling off

7. To cool down, swimming four lengths at your regular pace is all it should take for you bring your heart rate back down.

If you want to get your family or friends involved in swimming, or just want to get into the pool more regularly, BritishGas SwimBritain is taking place at venues across the UK in September. You can get free instructor led sessions, and with a relay event to enter in just a month’s time, a goal to motivate you to swim regularly.

Did you know swimming makes you happy, find out more here.There are two relays that you can choose to take on. The first is SwimBritain1000 which is a four person relay where each team member swims four legs of 250m, making a total swim of 1000m per team member.

The second relay is aimed at families and is a shorter distance. SwimBritain500, as the name suggests, is a total swim of 500m per team member.  It involves four legs of 125m.

Everyone signing up to British Gas SwimBritain will get two instructor led sessions for free available at over 100 pools nationwide, plus you can also get access to coaching materials and the SwimBritain training app.

Registration is open and you can access more information about the venues, how to register a team and get training plans and tips here.

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