The Kellogg’s ASA Swimtastic Awards 2011 Focus - Tuesday

With the countdown to the Kellogg’s ASA Swimtastic Awards 2011 well under way, we are going to take a closer look at the nominees for two awards each day.

Today’s spotlight is on the nominees for the Swim School of the Year and the Top Teacher of the Year awards.

Swim School of the Year

Swim NE based in Newcastle upon Tyne, Whitley Bay and Wallsend

  • Swim NE was founded in 2006 by brother and sister team Phillip and Jill Green.
  • The school offers a number of swimming lessons to people of all ages, always with a warm smile, plenty of encouragement and high fives.
  • The swimming groups only ever have a maximum of six children so the swimmers benefit from that personal touch.
  • Swimmers are also assessed every week, meaning that moving up to the next stage is dependent upon their long term progress.

Quackers Swim School based in Nottingham, Nottinghamshire

  • When Quackers Swim School was launched in 2008 it had 105 pupils and operated four days per week. It now has over 700 pupils and operates seven days per week.
  • The school has gained an excellent reputation for its friendly nature and low pupil to teacher ratio.
  • It has also developed a highly successful schools programme, teaching 14 local schools.
  • Quackers Swim School also takes the personal development of its staff very seriously, all staff are encouraged to maintain their CPD and since 2008 they have achieved a number of qualifications.

Rusalka Aquatics Swim Academy based in Horndean, Hampshire

  • Rusalka Aquatics Swim Academy is run by husband and wife team Graham and Yulia Parker.
  • The academy has been awarded the ASA Aquamark Premium certification and offers a comprehensive lesson programme, from swimming lessons to life saving awards.
  • The swim school offers clean, well equipped facilities and a friendly, family-run atmosphere.

Top Teacher of the Year

Neil Stephenson based at Adwick Amateur Swimming Club in Doncaster

  • Neil is a devoted and dedicated swimming teacher, who manages to teach for 20 hours a week whilst holding down a full time job and family of four kids.
  • His coaching skills, support and belief in the swimmers helped them to win the Bridon Shield 2011, a competition between all of the Doncaster clubs.
  • As well as improving their swimming, Neil offers encouragement to club members who want to achieve coaching and officiating qualifications.
  • The club has 350 members and Neil knows everyone not only by name but levels, skills and most importantly as a friend.

Liam Hibbitts based at Ready Steady Swim in Co. Durham

  • Liam is a fantastic swimming teacher who is able to transform the water confidence of his swimmers.
  • Some of the youngsters who don’t like to have their face splashed with the water at the beginning of the lesson can be seen picking rings up from the bottom of the pool just half an hour later.
  • He has the ability to engage with swimmers no matter their age or ability, tailoring his classes to suit.
  • When teaching young swimmers he spends a short amount of time on each stroke to ensure that they never get bored, whilst providing clear demonstrations to ensure that his swimmers learn their strokes properly.

Tracey Chapman based at Teesdale Leisure Centre, Co. Durham

  • Tracey is deeply passionate about teaching people to swim and works incredibly hard to make sure that every one of her pupils reaches their full potential.
  • As well as the technical aspects of swimming, Tracey has the ability to watch someone in the water and immediately know how to help them improve.
  • She always teaches to a high standard and encourages other teachers within the club.
  • Tracey is always keen to bring new teachers through and is happy to offer advice to people thinking of training.

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