Introducing Get Ripped With Swimming

Introducing Get Ripped With Swimming

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Sweating it out on a treadmill is fine but 30 minutes of swimming is as good as 45 minutes of any other cardio. And to prove it Gareth set off to show how easy it is to get ripped with swimming.

My name’s Gareth. I’ve been going to the gym about three times a week for the past year but recently felt like I’ve hit a plateau.

Get ripped with Swimfit

After reading various articles on the internet about how good swimming was for you, I started ‘gymming then swimming’.

I know what I’m doing at the gym and I know how to swim so it seemed a no-brainer.

Four hours a week for six weeks – that’s 24 hours to build a lot of hard muscle. Could I do it?

Well I did. With a solid diet plan and the dedication of four sessions a week I got ripped with swimming.

Read my diary and follow my plan below and you can easily be like me. Ripped.

The Diary


The Plan

At the beginning of the six weeks, I used the Swimfit website to come up with a specific plan for my diet, gym routine and swimming routine to suit my goal.

Read the specifics of each plan by clicking on the separate pictures below.

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