Get Ripped: Week One

Get Ripped: Week One

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So I started the six-week program on a cloudy day in Cardiff. I packed my bag with gym stuff, swim stuff, shower stuff, protein shake stuff and once I’d put it on I ended up looking like a 10-year old on a school trip.

Nevertheless I did an intense 25 minute session in the gym then changed and entered the pool.

I finished after about 30 minutes and to put it bluntly I was absolutely knackered.

It just so happened that the first time I go for a swim in about two years is the same day the ‘Welsh Games for people with learning difficulties’ is on meaning three lanes spare for eight people. Not a great start and needless to say they were faster than me.

I finished my swim after about 30 minutes in the pool and to put it bluntly I was absolutely knackered.

The next day I was aching all over with the added aches from the gym session. All in all I was not the most mobile through most of Friday.

The diet plan started surprisingly well. The usual student diet was replaced by substantial amounts of vegetables, protein and considerably more trips to the supermarket for restocking purposes.

I was unsure about the six small meals a day but I didn’t feel hungry because of the smaller amounts of time between meals.

After a sweaty session in the gym, nothing beats the first length in the pool - it cools you down a treat.

By the third session I felt a lot more comfortable in the pool, I wasn’t getting so tired even after the gym session and I was no longer alone as I’d convinced my friend to jump on the bandwagon.

To be fair, after a sweaty session in the gym nothing beats the first length in the pool as it cools you down a treat. However, the main thing that was affecting progress was the problem of swimming galas.

We turned up at the gym on a Saturday lunchtime and pumped out an intense session. We then changed into our swimming kit and walked down to the pool, oblivious to the mass of spectators and noise until a lifeguard informed us the pool was closed that day. Embarrassing.

The six meals a day were essential. The extra exercise meant I needed a lot more food each day than normal which is already a slight problem for the bank account!

I had been sticking to the no starchy carbs for tea and I really started seeing a difference in how cut my stomach was looking.

My mate had also noticed a difference from the student belly to a flat toned stomach. Just one week in and any signs of a belly were gone (possibly from not consuming extortionate amounts of alcohol each week)!

Just one week and any signs of a belly were gone.

Day seven handed me unnecessary temptation when my dad offered me some chocolate and, being a chocolate fiend, I couldn’t help but indulge myself (a few lapses from the diet won’t hurt) and to be fair I think it was the right decision.

I’d say that for the first week I stuck to the diet about 95% which I think is pretty good. Any more and I’d regret not enjoying myself.

So after the first week I’d noticed myself feeling a lot fitter, I’d been drinking water throughout the day, no fizzy drinks, and I honestly think that the healthy eating makes you feel a lot better.

I was beginning to feel a lot stronger while swimming, working more intensely in the gym and just generally felt good from sticking to the whole plan.


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