Guide to choosing swimwear for men

As a guide to choosing swimwear for men it’s worth remembering males come in different shapes and sizes. You also need to consider what the swimwear is for. Posing by the Med has different needs to serious swimming for fitness.

When choosing swimwear for men there are three things to keep in mind:

  1. Choose the required look
  2. Know what the swimwear is for
  3. Be honest with yourself or the person you are buying for

1. Choosing the required look

A dad on holiday will want a different look to a bachelor with a full beach party itinerary. If the swimwear is for someone who is away on business the need is different again. When choosing swimwear for men consider the following:

  • The professional look is needed. In this case err on the side of caution. No budgie smugglers. Go for shorts of a good length. Maybe blue or some other dark solid colour. Keep away from stripes if possible.
  • The intention is to impress. Only the wearer will know what is needed here. If it feels comfortable, go with it, and consider the person to be impressed.
  • Looking good is what’s needed. OK, then take a look at the choosing for body shape section below

2. Know what the swimwear is for

An occasional swimsuit for a resort pool doesn’t need to stand up to much. Regular sea swimming is another matter. So, consider the activity when choosing swimwear for men. Think about:

  • Serious swimming means reduced drag factor. You will need tighter fitting trunks or jammers.
  • Is leg movement an issue? Wet fabric chafes after a time. Dips in the sea punctuated by walking may require a lighter material to reduce chafe, or shorter shorts.
  • Is sun protection an issue? If so, check out the material’s UV protection level. You may also want to consider a top as well to go with the shorts. You can find out more about UV protection levels in clothing here.

3. Be honest

We all see ourselves in a certain way. If you are buying for yourself get a second opinion and consider your personality. Tight budgie smugglers may seem a good idea at the time, but when you are on the beach in wet swimwear you may feel a little self-conscious.

You need to buy swimwear that truly reflects your personality. Also, you need to honest about your body shape. So, to help you out here are our tips for choosing swimwear for men by body type.

Choosing swimwear for men – body types

  1. Tall and athletic. Anything will do. Just choose a nice colour to match skin tone.
  2. Short and athletic. Usually the brief style will do the trick. Go for a high leg cut to make legs look longer and a low waist band to show off those abs. Avoid long and extra long shorts.
  3. Tall and thin. Baggy shorts are best. Make sure you don’t overdo the bagginess.
  4. Tall and big. Long shorts in one solid colour will look best. If you want patterned swimwear, choose small patterns and keep the colours down.
  5. Big Tummy. Again wear a solid colour – patterns will just accentuate. And remember you can easily cover up your flabby bits by wearing a tee shirt or shirt.