Tone your arms with a noodle speed spin

If you are looking for something different to do in the pool, then our pool exercise ideas are just the thing. No swimming required, just a steady, simple workout using the resistance and support offered by water. This idea is the noodle speed spin.

A speed spin with a noodle is a great way of working your stomach (abs), shoulders and arms in water. Water resistance ensures your body gets a steady work out. Always warm up before exercise. Checkout our stretching section here for more on warming up. You can find arm stretches here and leg stretches here.

  • Muscle groups worked: stomach (abs), shoulders, and arms
  • Equipment: noodle, foam dumbbells (optional)
  • Related exercises: Hand Flutters, Side Leg Raise.

How to do a noodle speed spin in the pool

Starting position

  • Stand with your feet shoulder width apart for stability
  • Place the noodle around your waist and hold the ends in front of the abdominals


  • Rotate one hand over the top of the other in small circular motions
  • Change direction and reverse the movement

Advanced option

If you feel this is too easy then you can increase the intensity by the following methods.

  • Increase the time doing the exercise
  • Add foam dumbbells to the workout. This will increase the resistance on the arms.

Simpler option

If you feel this is too hard then you can decrease the intensity by doing the following.

  • Perform the exercise without the use of a noodle. This will reduce the resistance on the arms