Quick guide to good desserts

Good desserts, we love them. The trouble is that we all have a different meaning of good. Well, don’t worry help is at hand. It is possible to have good desserts that are good for you.

There’s hardly a person in the world who doesn’t love something sweet after a main course. But if steadying your weight is your gain, you need to be careful when and what you eat you eat. Here are a few tips. Firstly, the best time of day for eating good desserts.

When to eat dessert

Try to leave at least 40 minutes between finishing your main course and eating your sweet. This will allow your body to absorb some of the protein, carbohydrates and healthy fats before the fat-storing sugar-rush of your dessert.

Remember this rule of thumb: The larger your meal, the less will be absorbed and the more will be stored as fat if you have a sweet immediately afterwards.

Ideas for good desserts

There are levels of healthiness when it comes to desserts, so think about the ingredients you are using.

  • Fresh fruit is always going to improve the healthiness of a dessert
  • Whole wheat flour is readily available and still works for dough of pastry
  • Low-fat yoghurt and low-fat milk are also perfect alternatives to their fatty relations.

Remember that treats are fine. You don’t have to stop eating cake if it’s somebody’s birthday if the rest of your diet and exercise is making up for it. Here are a few ideas for some healthy good desserts.

  1. Dairy-free dark chocolate: Dark chocolate is not only satisfying but also stimulates serotonin, the feel-good neurotransmitter in your brain. It also contains antioxidants, and is a good source of magnesium. Make sure the chocolate is 72% or higher cacao, dairy-free, and organic.
  2. Fat-free or greek yogurt and strawberries.
  3. Icelandic Skyr with fresh fruit
  4. Frozen chocolate banana – Bananas are packed with vitamins C and B6, fibre and potassium. Simply peel a banana, cut it in half and then and freeze it. Once frozen roll it in melted dark chocolate and choice of toppings – chopped nuts are good. Put back in freezer until chocolate is set.
  5. All fruit lolly: not just for kids and no added sugar! Simply puree fruit – whatever is in season – freeze, and enjoy. Peaches, strawberries, and pears all make great lollies. Mix the fruit up a bit for different flavours.
  6. Greek Nutella dip: mix Nutella in with some Greek yogurt. Use it as a dip. Oatmeal cookies, crackers or fresh fruit can be used to dip. Tasty!

The internet is full of great healthy dessert recipes. Try out these from the BBC. Or simply put ‘healthy desserts‘ into Google.