Step-by-step guide to making post-training pancakes

Be Healthier

After any form of training, there is always the desire for a tasty snack.

Here, Swim England performance nutritionist Jasmine Campbell shares a simple recipe for post-training pancakes.

During this time, it’s really great to challenge yourself to do something different – and it’s also nice to make something for someone else as well.

This recipe for post-training pancakes is quick and easy to make – and very enjoyable!

Step one

Ingredients for post training pancakes

For the pancake mixture, you will need one banana, one egg and either two tablespoons of oats or two tablespoons of self-raising flour and half a teaspoon of baking powder.

The difference between using oats and flour is in the texture of your pancakes. Why not make them twice using each option to decide which one you prefer?

Step two

Pancake mixture ready for blending

Mix all the ingredients together – ideally with a blender – but you can always use a fork to mash it all up and mix if you haven’t got one.

Step three

Blending pancake mixture

Once your mixture is nice and smooth, put a flat pan on a medium to high heat – around seven on your hobs.

Step four

Pouring pancake mixture into pan

As the pan gets up to a nice heat, pour some of the mixture into the pan to create little puddles.

Step five

Flipping pancake

When you think they are ready, slide a spatula underneath your pancakes, lift them up and flip them over.

Step six

Adding toppings to post training pancakes

Once they are all cooked, stack them up high and add the topping that you want ready for you to enjoy them.

Watch this video to see how it’s done.