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Coaches share their ‘fantastic’ DiSE Dubai training camp experience

Some of the nation’s top swimming coaches have shared their ‘fantastic’ experience after being a part of Swim England’s team at the DiSE training camp in Dubai.

A total of 12 coaches were part of a 27 strong workforce that made the trip, alongside Swim England’s Coach Development Officer Jo John, where they got the opportunity to apply their trade abroad as part of the programme.

They supported a group 75 swimmers throughout the week where they took part in the three days of training before a further three days of competition in the Middle East Open and Junior Championships (MEOJC).

The team were welcomed in Dubai by Hamilton Aquatics, one of the nations’ most prestigious swimming clubs and trained at the impressive Hamdan Sports Complex.

The coaches were selected due to each of them have previously been a part of county, national and youth development camps and have taken advantage of Swim England’s recent coaching development programmes such as the Pathway Coach Programme and the Aspire Coach Programme.

Each coach got the opportunity to work with six or seven swimmers across the week in Dubai where they were able to gain an understanding of them to help best help them during the competition at the end of the trip.

They supported the swimmers in race planning, processes, warm up, recovery and their race day timelines to help the athletes to both be physically and psychologically ready to achieve their targets in the competition and throughout the rest of the season.

And it was a successful weekend of results as the coaches led the team to the top visiting club award from the competition as they earned 56 medals from the three days of competition.

‘The opportunity to develop’

Lisa Atkinson, City of Bristol Aquatics’ Head Coach, was selected as Head Coach for the trip and was privileged to be given the honour.

She said: “It was a privilege to be selected as the Head Coach for the programme.

“Working with a fantastic team of coaches and the Coach Development Officer has enhanced my mentoring skills which will be put to good use back in Bristol.

“All of the coaches have worked together across the week to develop their understanding of the sport and promote some excellent coaching discussion whilst also delivering a high quality camp to the athletes.”

Doncaster Dartes coach Rob Hudson was one of the coaches selected to be a part of the programme and he explained how the experience has helped him develop as a coach.

“The DiSE programme has been an exceptional experience and to be selected to be part of the programme is a true privilege and honour.

“The programme has given me an opportunity to develop as a coach and to be part of a support team to a group of athletes in an International setting.

“The training camp and competition allows coaches to challenge themselves, share ideas, develop skills, and experience a different culture whilst working with a dedicated group of athletes.

“I would highly recommend taking the opportunity should you be selected. Thank you DiSE, Swim England and my programme Doncaster Dartes for their support which has enabled me to access and maximise the opportunity.”

If you would like more information on any coach development opportunities, please contact Swim England’s Coaching team at [email protected].

Coaches on DiSE Dubai training camp

  • Lisa Atkinson, City of Bristol, Head Coach
  • Gerry Gillespie, Enfield
  • Michael Glossop, Bassetlaw
  • Kyle Hudson, Deventio
  • Rob Hudson, Doncaster
  • Pat Leaman, Clevedon
  • Stuart McCrea, Leatherhead
  • Becky McGuire, Morpeth
  • Neil Shire, Exeter City
  • Matt Turner, City of Manchester
  • David Vine, Reading
  • Paul Wilson, City of Coventry