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Young swimmers are selected for Swim England National Development Programme

A total of 430 swimmers have been selected for the Swim England National Development Programme learning and engagement day.

The National Development Programme is the third step on the Swim England Extended Talent Pathway – but the first on the national framework.

The 13 and 14-year-olds picked will be expected to join a day of online workshops on either 3 or 4 October covering ‘Loving Race Day’, sleep recovery and injury prevention.

A dry land conditioning session will also emphasise mobility and stability to enhance the anti-rotational / rotational strokes and streamlining.

All the swimmers were chosen using the new adjusted selection guidelines that have been introduced for the 2020-21 season because of the coronavirus pandemic.

A Swim England spokesperson said: “Swim England Swimming Talent have tried where possible to make these guidelines robust and transparent whilst also promoting fairness and inclusion to all of our aspiring young swimmers.

“We intend to continue to collaborate with our regions and counties and where possible continue our pathway activities to help enhance the daily training environment so swimmers and coaches that show future performance potential have continued support along their journey.”

Due to the pandemic, there will be no pool camps in 2020 and dry land activity will be carried out online.

It is hoped that pool activity may resume in 2021, depending on timing and the ability to host safely.

Download the selection criteria for the National Development Programme by clicking here.

Swimmers selected for the Swim England National Development Programme

Rami Abdulhafiz (Dulwich Dolphins), James Abulencia (City of Birmingham), Chloe Adams (Wycombe District), Amara Addison (Norwich Swan), Toluwani Adelaja (Barnet Copthall), Kenza Ajimi (City of Coventry), Emma Allatt-File (Crawley), Demi Alli (Sevenoaks), Mason Allen (Basildon Phoenix), Ethan Allpress (Ulverston), Lewis Andrews (Norwich Swan), Hayden Annan (RTW Monson), David Annis (Worcester), Max Arnold (Harlow Penguins), Kahlen Arundell (Maidstone), Anna Ashcroft (City of Leeds), Jake Ashelford (Exeter City), Jack Atkins (Boldmere), Skye Austin-Burrows (Rushmoor Royals).

Francesca Baber (Flitwick), Chloe Baduna (Hackney), Ashleigh Baillie (City of Sheffield), Matthew Baker (West Suffolk), Jacob Barnett (City of Sunderland), Daniel Barrett (Gateshead & Whickham), Lisa Barzaghi (Bolton), Alexandra Bassett (City of Southampton), Zara Beaumont (City of Hereford), Evangeline Belt (Carn Brea), Tsala Bernholt (Barnet Copthall), Charlotte Bianchi (City of Sheffield), Oscar Bilbao (City of Sheffield), Alfie Bisby (Boston), Isabel Blackhurst (Weston-super-Mare), Ella Blocksidge (City of Salford), Ryan Bloomer (Wyre Forest), Matilda Bogle (teamipswich), Lucas Bohm (Camden Swiss), Leah Bowen (Mount Kelly), Tristan Bowen (Newquay), Chloe Bown (Minehead), Alex Boyer (Darlington), Felicity Boyle (Mount Kelly), Louka Bramwell (City of Coventry), Jessica Brandom (Nova Centurion), Louise Bressler (Guildford City), Andrew Brett (Guildford City), Reuben Brindley (Havant & Waterlooville), Nathaniel Brissett (Mount Kelly), Callum Broadhead (Doncaster Dartes), Felix Brockdorff (Guildford City), Finn Broekhoven (Plymouth Leander), Sophie Bromley (City of Sheffield), George Brooks (City of Leeds), Eleanor Broughton (Ellesmere College), Lucas Bryl (Bromley), Isaac Buchan (Middlesbrough), Frederick Buckingham (Ilkeston), Karys-Rose Bunn (teamipswich), Laura Burgess (Darlington), Sophie Busby (Derventio), Jonathan Butt (Bristol Henleaze).

Martha Callaghan (Pudsey), Kevin Cao (Greenwich Royals), Skye Carter (Basildon Phoenix), Elinor Chadwick (Barnet Copthall), Breanna Chamberlain (City of Sheffield), Frank Chappels (S Bournemouth), Matthew Charlesworth (Blackpool Aquatics), Nikita Charykin (Thurrock), Conor Cherrington (South Bournemouth), Jake Chesworth (Maxwell), Marcel Chodnicki (Staines), Maciek Cholewinski (Portsmouth Northsea), Justin Christie (Leatherhead), Jake Christon (Stretford), Philip Cinpoes (Kingston Royals), Alicia Clark (Retford), Toby Clausen (Kingston upon Hull), Daniel Clayton (teamipswich), Nathan Close (Biggleswade), Eja Coe (Derventio),  Isobel Coe (Middlesbrough), Gracie Comitti (Basildon Phoenix), Mischa Comrie (City of Leeds), Bethan Cooke (Chase), Finn Cooper (teamipswich), Alexander Cooper (Wycombe District), Charlotte Cope (Guildford City), Henry Cornforth (Whitby), Alexander Corver (Bromley), Cait Cotter (Chelmsford), Lewis Cotterell (City of Leicester), Harrison Cox (Millfield), Annabel Crees (Leamington), Robbie Cruickshanks (teamipswich).

Anoush Danelian (Winchester), Rio Daodu (Grimsby AST), Jai Daryanani (Barnet Copthall), Ben Davidson (Trafford Metro), Jasmine D’Cunha (Dinnaton), Nicole De Pree (Millfield), George De Voogt (Leighton Buzzard), Oliver Dennis (Plymouth Leander), Lilly-Marie Derry (Sevenoaks), Laurie Devine (Leicester Sharks), Macy Dexter (City of Cambridge), Rose Dickerson (Nova Centurion), Evie Dilley (Middlesborough), Ruby Diment (Darlington), Rhys Dodd (Soundwell), Zara Dodd (Ramsbottom), Oscar Dodds (TigersJersey), Oliver Dodsworth (Chester Le Street), Joseph Dollamore (Gosport), Robbie Douglas (City of Coventry), Sophie Dowding (teamipswich), Thomas Duddridge (Guildford City), Isabel Duetoft (Leatherhead), Ellen Duffield (teamipswich), Millie Duncan (Stockport Metro), Amelia Durant (Corn Brea), Elena Eardley (Guildford City), Owain Edwards (Mount Kelly), Kiefer Ee Kiat Yeo (Chelsea&Westminster), William Ellard (St Felix School), Madison Emment (Guildford).

Anna Farr (City of Birmingham), Rafael Fente-Damers (Elmbridge), Leo Ferguson (Millfield), Nicholas Finch (Camden Swiss), Anna Finlay (Gateshead & Whickham), Thomas Flynn (Millfield), Luigi Forconi (Portsmouth Northsea), Lucy Fox (City of Oxford), Libby Freeman (Morpeth), Jake Fretwell (Northgate), Zak Frisby (Radford), Grace Fuller (Derventio), Aoife Galbraith (City of Milton Keynes), Nomuunaa Ganbaatar (Millfield), Jake Garett (Severnside), Benjamin Gartside (Northampton), Calvin Georgescu-Spiers (Godalming), Despoina Giannakaki (City of Milton Keynes), Benjamin Gibbons (Northampton), Lilia Gilbert (Didcot Barramundi), Luke Gilliver (Doncaster Dartes), Rocco Giustiniani (Anaconda), Mia Goodale (Winchester), Isobel Gosling (South Lincs), Ethan Gough (Swindon Dolphins),  James Gourpinar (Harlow Penguins), William Gowler (AFS Hartlepool), Henry Gray (Chelsea & Westminster), Oliver Greaves (Wrekin College), Ashleigh Green (Bromsgrove), Mollie Greene (City of Leeds), Grace Greenhalf (City of Norwich), Ruby Griffiths (Mount Kelly), Samuel Grimes (Ashton Central), Lillie Grover (Wyre Forest), Rose Gubbins (Nova Centurion), Xuanming Guo (City of Manchester Aquatics).

Ashton Hallows (Plymouth Leander), Liam Hamp (Thanet Swim), Megan Hansford (TigersJersey), Charlotte Harding (City of Coventry), Jessica Harmer (Guildford City), Daniel Harris (City of Leicester),  Heaven Harris-Burton (Nova Centurion), Kenechukwu Harris-Eze (Barnet Copthall), Ivan Hart (South Wiltshire), Niamh Hasselwander (Epsom District), Frankie Hatchard (Millfield), Ben Hatfield (Winchester), Tom Hawkins (Bexley), Mabel Hayes (Anaconda), Rebecca Haynes (Cheadle), Rebecca Hayward (Wycombe District), Anna Healey (Prescot), Violet Hearfield (Middlesborough), Owain Heathcote-Jones (Carnforth), Emily Hedley (Tynemouth), Teia Hendley (Leamington), James Henniker (Bristol Penguins), Skye Henshaw (Orion), Olivia Hidayat (Ellesmere College), Thomas Hilton (Prescot), Keira Hinchliffe (City of Bradford), Charlotte Holden (Camden Swiss), Daniel Holliss (City of St Albans),  Ethan Howard (Potters Bar), Eliza Hudson (Maxwell), Thomas Hudson (Nuneaton), Alexandra Hughes (Guildford), Jake Hutchinson (Ellesmere College), Lois Inch (Winsford), Joshua Inglis (Bexley).

Rhys Jackson (Cockermouth), Louis James (Norwich Swan), Jack Jenkinson (Skipton), Tom Jobling (Durham City), Evie Johnson (Nova Centurion), Harriet Jolly (Thame), Isla Jones (City of Sheffield), Bea Jones (City of Hereford), Anatole Kacar (Exeter City), Eleanor Kay (Horwich), Sam Kelly (City of Birmingham), Jack Kelso (Tynemouth), Lauren Kenna (4 Shires), Kate Kennedy (Morpeth), Antoni Kepa (Bracknell), Olivia Kerr Muir (Cirencester), Rania Khallouqi (Shiverers), Kourosh Khodakhah (City of Leeds), Sophie King (Woking), Harvey Kinnear (Preston), Blythe Kinsman (Plymouth Leander), Ruby Knight (Borough Kirklees).

Zain Lam (Croydon Amphibians), Emily Lambert (City of Sheffield), Ezra Lambert (Royal Wolverhampton), Samuel Lander (Bromley), Jessica Lawton (Keynsham), Lan Le (Bexley), Jamie Leach (Newbury), Zakhos Lekkas (Winchester), Pearl Lightwood (Middlesborough), Amber Likely (Portsmouth Northsea), Cecilia Linton (Grimsby AST), Iona Logan (City of Leeds), Sasha Long (City of Leeds), Max Looker (Poole), Mia Lowe (Basildon Phoenix), Emily Lowther (City of Southampton), Holly Macdonald (City of Leeds), Cub Maddison (Hatfield), Raheel Mahmood (Romford Town), Nathanial Mapley (City of St Albans), Max Maleham (Wycombe District), Olivia Martin (Mount Kelly), Josh Martin (City of Peterborough), Thomas Maskell (Derwentside), Lily-Ella Mayall (Team Waveney), James McClure (City of Coventry), Thomas McDermott (Middlesborough), Luke McGee (City of Sunderland), Daniel McGuinness (Basildon Phoenix), Alfie McGuire (Chester Le Street), Tilly McHugh (Poole), Nathan McManus (Plymouth Leander), Charlie Meek (Poole), Kerem Mehdi (Godalming), Lauren Mew (Barnet Copthall), William Millichamp (Nuneaton), Martha Miller (Preston), Jacob Mills (Leicester Sharks), Abby Mitchell (Leicester Sharks), Joseph Moment (Scarborough), Alexander Moore (Wycombe District), George Moore (City of Leicester), William Morris (Middlesborough), Sophia Moule (Romford Town), Oliver Mowbray (Amersham), Libby Munday (Grimsby AST, Monika Murine (Barking & Dagenham), Darcey Murphy (Nantwich Seals).

Kirsty Neill (Bishop Stortford), Isobel Nethercott (Keynsham), Olivia Newman-Baronius (Putteridge), Maia Noonan (City of Birmingham), Filip Nowacki (TigersJersey), Baran Oden (Barking and Dagenham), Saint Odong (Brompton), Mika Ogden (Hackney), Eva Okaro (Sevenoaks), Noah Oladele-Ajose (Saxon Crown), Aimee O’Reilly (City of Leicester), Edward Ormsby (Royston), Ella Osborne (Millfield), Oliver Osborne (Derventio), Connie Palmer (Boldmere), Jacob Palmer (Leatherhead), Naomi Parker (Morpeth), Toby Parker (Hartlepool), Olivia Parpworth (Thanet Swim), Lucy Parsons (Prescot), Stanley Partridge (Plymouth Leander), Erika Pasakinskaite (Barking and Dagenham), Ethan Payne (Millfield), Thomas Pearce (Windsor), George Pearson (Wycombe District), Reegan Peel (Stockton), Eve Pendlebury (City of Salford), Jessica Pennifold (Southport), Riley Perry (City of Birmingham), Constance Phillips (Grantham), Ben Phillips (Maidenhead),  Evangeline Pierce (Basildon Phoenix), Joel Pietersen (Hatfield), Archie Pigott (Killerwhales), Harvey Pike (Street), Annabel Pilgrim (Elmbridge), Amber Piper (Thanet Swim),   Nikolai Pitera (Southport), James Plant (Borough Kirklees),  Finlay Pope (Stockport Metro), Sam Potts (Nova Centurion), Luke Poulton (Wycombe District), Rhys Power (Stratford Sharks), Joshua Prendergast (RTW Monson), Logan Price (Stocksbridge), Lucy Quill (Amersham), Nicole Quiller (Mount Kelly).

Matilda Ransome (City of Cambridge), Matthew Readhead (Maxwell), Jessica Reilly (Harrogate), Madison Rens (Crosby), Samuel Rice (Tavistock), Rosie Richards (Rushmoor Royals), Jack Ridley (Borough Stockton), Finn Ripley (Stockton), Ethan Roberts (Leyland Barr), Lacey Roberts (Plymouth Leander), Lottie Roberts (Guildford City), Evie Robertshaw (Leicester Sharks), Beth Robinson (Stockport Metro), Callum Rollin (Southport), Marija Romanovskaja (Bassetlaw SS), Charlotte Roome (Derventio), Max Russell (City of Sheffield), Annabel Russell (City of Leicester), Samuel Ryan (Orpington).

Alex Sadler (South Lincs), Rosalind Saise (teamipswich), Oliver Salimbeni (Newcastle), Annie Sanders (Greenwich Royals), Luca Sartorius (Poole), Megan Sharp (City of Leeds), Amelie Shaw (Guildford), Ava Shaw (Natare West London), Kayden Sillah (City of Oxford), Alfie Silver (Nova Centurion), Thomas Simon (Bridgefield), Charles Simpson (Exeter City), Dante Sinnott (Barnet Copthall), Danielle Siong (City of Milton Keynes), Emma Skelton (Fareham Nomads), Zach Slater (Musselburgh), Charlotte Smith (Norwich Swan), Evie Smith (Maidstone SC), Corey Smith (City of Birmingham), Kreswin Smith (Amersham), Samuel Smith (Skipton), George Snow (Fareham Nomads), Nalinratn Sophastienphong (City of Oxford), Isaac Stabler (York City), Oren Staines (Maidenhead), Siena Stephens (TigersJersey), Ruby Stephenson (Newport Pagnell), Samuel Sterry (TigersJersey), Thea Stewart (Wirral Metro), Erin Stewart (Witney), Evie Stockdale (Hastings), Elliot Stoddard (Truro City), Pia Summers-Newton (Northampton), Lydia Swindell (Ashton Central),  Maya T-Saldana (Witney), Erin Tankard (City of Sheffield), Lilly Tappern (Deepings), Andrew Tembra (Hatfield), Fergus Thomson (Mount Kelly), Louis Thorne (City of Bristol), Kasia Titterton (Bromley), Cara Tohill (City of Salford), Jake Tomkins (Barnet Copthall), Charlie Toms (Maxwell), Mollie Topping (Mid Sussex), Sophie Traill (Stockport Metro), Zak Troman (Colchester), Isabel Turner (Eastleigh), Lewis Turner (Winsford), Abigail Turner (Flixton).

Lily Ulyatt (Millfield), Davey Unwin (Stockport Metro), Anna Uren (City of Bristol), Isis Van Der Stroom (Mount Kelly), Isabella Vaughan (Mount Kelly), Maximilian Veiga (City of Cambridge), Jay Waite (City of Coventry), Ryan Wall (Royston), Ethan Walker (Cheadle), Chloe Ward (Stockton), Arabella Ward (Modernian), Clara Watson-Flowers (St Felix School), Malachy Watt (Derventio), Aidan Watts (Plymouth Leander), Ronnie Weall (Warrington), Rachel Webb (Lincoln Vulcans), Millie Wells (Ellesmere College), Alice Weston (Wycombe District), Sophie Weston (Warrington), Luca Whaley (Oldbury), James Wheatley (Mount Kelly), Ruby Wheeler (Plymouth Leander),  Lola Wheeler (Wrekin College), Adam White (Millfield), Casper Whitewood (TigersJersey), George Whittle (Derventio), Edward Whittles (Chelsea & Westminster),  Oliver Whittleston (City of Leeds), Hollie Widdows (Mount Kelly), Jess Widdowson (City of Leeds), Thomas Wilkinson (City of Sheffield), Isla Williams (City of Leeds), Joshua Williams (Dartmoor Darts Aquatic), Neil Williams (City of Leeds), Caitlin Wilson (Burnley BOBC), Ellie Wilson (Cockermouth), Adam Wong (Chelsea & Westminster), Jamie Workman (Bournemouth College), Krystof Wood (Bromsgrove), Shay Wood (AFS Hartlepool), Cameron Wrapson (City of Birmingham), James Wyllie (Northallerton), Helena Wyness (City of Sunderland), Isabella Yeabsley (Hatfield), Beth Young (teamipswich).