Meal Plan: Breakfast and Snacking

Meal Plan: Breakfast and Snacking

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Below you can find part one of our suggested meal plan for those of you seeking to tone up your body. It covers breakfast and snacking. Part two covers meals and desserts.

If you are working through the Shape Up and Tone programme then nutrition is key to reaching your goal. Breakfast is the cornerstone meal of the day. So, what should you be eating?


Unless you are working out for fat loss pre-breakfast it is important to give yourself a natural energy boost in the morning. If you’re training first thing either get up early so you have to time to digest your breakfast or grab something small like a banana to fuel yourself before you train.

Good breakfast foods

  • Cereal: you have to box clever (pardon the pun!) when it comes to cereals. Avoid anything with the words ‘choco’ or ‘frost’ in them. They may taste good but the high sugar levels are a disaster for your metabolism and will only provide a fast energy surge while promoting greater fat storage.
  • Even many boxed cereals which claim to be healthy due to their whole wheat content are high in sugar so they may keep you satisfied for slightly longer but are still not as healthy as they promise.
  • Natural sources such as oatmeal and porridge oats are the best cereal you can find. But if you need a boxed cereal in your life, include whole wheat products now and again.
  • Bread: the world would be a healthier place without white flour breads. Instead go for whole wheat options such as wholemeal or granary with complex carbohydrates in them.
  • Eggs and beans are a protein-high compliment to your toast but jam, honey and marmalade, although high in sugars, are fine in small amounts.
  • It can be hard to resist fried bacon and sausages first thing, but they are going to do you no favours. The high fat levels will inhibit nutrient and energy absorption. Notch up an early one of your five a day with some fresh fruit, maybe with some low-fat yoghurt.


When it comes to breakfast try to steer clear of the high sugar fruit juices if you a looking to lose weight. If you like fruit juices go for 100% freshly squeezed produce. Try a 400ml protein shake (they’re actually pretty tasty!) or 300ml of milk is spot on.


Contrary to popular belief snacking nobody should be ‘above’ snacking – it’s a good way of keeping your blood sugar level and metabolism constant and is important to maintain your performance during training.

  • Great snacking foods are fruits (fresh is best but dried are still okay), energy foods (cereal bars, energy drinks, protein shakes), yoghurt (low fat if possible) or whole grain foods (whole wheat cereal or wholemeal toast).
  • Unsalted nuts are also an excellent source of protein and healthy monounsaturated fats. Common examples are Brazil nuts, almonds, cashews, peanuts, pistachios or walnuts.

Well, that's it for breakfast and snacking. Click here for the main meals and dessert menu.


  • 6

    11.58am 11th October 2013

    Hi, I am 63, a masters swimmer coming back to the pool after 4 months non training. I feel so unfit and am 15kgs overweight. I am also pre diabetic and if I do not eat regular small snacks / meals I feel light headed. Before I begin my journey, can you please advise me on the correct nutrition? I will training in a 50m pool.

  • 5

    11.05am 8th October 2013
    Glynn Holt

    Hi I am massively overweight, about 28 stone and i have lost 5 stone since May this year, I am struggling to loose anymore now, and I am a really fussy eater, and don’t have much self convidence and was hoping this swim fit would be a good help for me, can anyone advise any help or suggest anything i should still be doing.

    Thanks Glynn

  • 4

    11.14pm 13th September 2013
    Finn Campbell from Surrey

    hi im 15, im a swimmer, i’m looking to build fitness and get a leaner body, im about 6’1 and and 77 kg, im muscly but i do hav excess fat over my body, i wish to get rid of it to help me swim faster and achieve greater things for my swimming. is there anything i can do diet wise or outside of the pool in the gym to help?

  • 3

    1.35pm 2nd May 2013
    allan from SR2 8JX

    Natalie, you can try Blueberries with your cereals, very tasty. Use apples, strawberries, melon or pineapple too.

  • 2

    9.22am 26th February 2013
    Philip C. Howell from Eggborough


    I’m a 57 years old male. I weigh 101 kg and I’m 1.84 metre tall.

    I gym for approx. 45 mins. and swim between 16 and 64 lengths, front crawl in a 25 metre pool, in the mornings, Monday to Friday.
    But I’m can’t get below 100kg.

    What do I need to eat and when? How long should I be exercising for and how far should I be swimming?

    Hope you can help.

  • 1

    3.24pm 7th June 2011
    Natalie from redditch

    What can i eat if i don’t like bananas ?

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