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About the Swim England Water Polo Hub

The Swim England Water Polo Hub is a resource for anyone thinking of getting into water polo in England, as well as the current water polo community.

Swim England is the governing body for the sport and the one authority on all things water polo in England.

So if you want to delve deeper into majors, man-ups and wet passes, the water polo hub is the one for you!

What can you find on the Water Polo hub?

It is one of our Sport Hubs, designed to celebrate the aquatic sports through a central website. Other Hubs include: competitive swimming, synchronised swimmingdiving, and Masters swimming (competitive swimming for the over 18s).

Key sections on this site include:

  • Get Started – this section is especially for people starting out. All the information you need to get into water polo.
  • Compete – This is for the the competitive water polo players. Information on competitions, accessing results and more.
  • Develop – This is a focus on the opportunities to develop as a water player and features a catalogue of water polo scholarships at UK universities.
  • About – An introduction to the sport in the Olympics as well as explanations of different aspects of the sport.

Seven things you can learn about on the Water Polo Hub are:

  1. Becoming a water polo player and finding your nearest club
  2. Introduction to English water polo competitions
  3. Accessing competitive water polo results
  4. A background on different elements of the sport
  5. Why water polo is so great for your health
  6. Water polo at the Olympics
  7. Developing as a water polo player

We are always looking for feedback. So, if you have something to say about the Water Polo Hub then please get in touch.