Nutrition and diet for swimmers

Nutrition and diet for swimmers

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Good nutrition and a healthy diet are cornerstones of improving as a swimmer and getting the most benefit from your time in the water.

In this section you'll find a range of advice on what to eat and when, whether you are a casual swimmer, swimming to manage your weight or training hard for a competition.

Among the advice in this section you'll find:

You'll find message boards under the articles so that you can leave your own tips.


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    11.25am 10th October 2013

    For breakfast I have porridge, raisins and honey or a slice of brown toast with beans and a poached egg.  Lunch is soup or a sandwich.  Nuts/seeds and fruit for snacks and dinner is piece of fish with 3 vegetables.  I have been doing this swim-fit for a couple of months now and results are impressive.  Especially my lung capacity and ability to swim further each week in the front crawl position.  I also take a protein shake in the morning and before bed.

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    10.42am 12th September 2013
    ben mcmanus

    just wanted to say looking forward to starting swimfit at my local pool and rearing to go smile

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    3.46pm 9th August 2013

    I would like to start eating healthy, need breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks please.

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    8.00am 20th April 2013
    Vikrant from Delhi, india

    Hey can somebody tell me that should i take nutrilite daily and ginseng ....... I m ..’’ a national swimmer pls pls…. Somebody reply….

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    7.15pm 28th January 2013
    Thomas franklin

    Oats and bananas for breakfast
    Pastas and rice and meat/fish for lunch and dinner
    Lots of fluids

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    5.18pm 1st January 2013
    Jean Hazell

    Like to know what to eat for health

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