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Alice Tai wins Gold in the Women’s S8 100m Backstroke

Congratulations to Alice Tai from Ealing SC, who won Gold in the Women’s S8 100m Backstroke on the third night of finals at Birmingham 2022.

Tai was overjoyed after the race, as an incredible few months that also featured a Worlds silver last month, continues. She said: “It’s a bit surreal. Having surgery, having to pull out of Tokyo, then having an amputation in January. I had to relearn to walk this year, so getting back in the pool was a bit of fun.

“I can’t even believe that I am in Team England. There was a time where me and my coach said it’s not even worth trying as we weren’t going to make it. I saw the New Zealand girl after the turn and swam for my life!

“For where I am with my training, I am so happy with my time and so excited to build on it going into Paris. Everything I’ve done this season, like my silver in World Champs a few weeks ago, it means so much more. I’ve achieved a lot in my career but I’ve been through so much these past 12 months, so to come back on top and doing what I love despite everything is so special and I’m just excited to get back into training in September.”