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List of Swim England London Formalised Club Network Training Programmes

Name of NetworkHome PoolCurrent Status
London East LAC Club NetworkThe London Aquatic CentreActive
Crystal Palace Club NetworkCrystal Palace National SCInactive due to pool closure


Guidance Notes for a Club Network

To become a formally recognised Aquatic Club network in London you will need to carry out the following steps;

Purpose of the Development Plan

The purpose of the development plan is to outline the objectives of the network. The Swim England London template is designed to provide guidance and support in the development of the plan and in turn the network’s objectives.

Reference to MOU/Network Constitution/Terms of Reference

The Memorandum of Understanding or governing document for the network will help to direct the development plan in terms of:

  • The Network Statement covering the overview of the network.
  • The Vision/Values covering what it wants to achieve.
  • The objectives covering what it intends to do.

Club Network Income and Expenditure Budget Book

Swim England London deems that a Club Network is sustainable when 100% of its costs can be directly met by the income generated solely by the Network itself. In this context, the word ‘directly’ means that the income should not be derived from a local authority, pool operator or any other organisation or key stakeholder.

Swim England London – Network Authorisation Committee (NAC) 

  • Facilitate when required the working relationship between the Network of Clubs at designated meetings.
  • Provide information and support as is deemed necessary, to assist the Aquatic Club Network.
  • Advise the Network on their Business and Development Plan.

See the NAC Terms of Reference HERE

See the Statement of Intent Form HERE